Our thermogenic cream is transdermal, this means that it travels beneath the surface layer of the skin to target stubborn fat. This fat breaks down quicker and is released into the bloodstream for your body to use as energy. It also improves the appearance of the skin; it’s formulated to tighten and smooth the midsection and to help firm the skin and reduce cellulite. It opens pores and sweat glands for increased circulation and perspiration, creating the perfect environment to slim the waistline.

While, our Slay It Waist Trimming Belt was designed with a custom shape and fabric to help you improve core strength and posture, create a sauna-like effect for increased sweat and detoxification and to support weight loss. Studies have shown that hard to burn areas can have 67% less blood flow than easy to burn areas, our wrap intensifies heat and blood flow up to 15 times the normal amount, targeting and obliterating stubborn fat cells.

And Maca is a 2000 year old superfood that naturally boosts energy and increases stamina. Maca is low in calories, but high in protein, helping to keep the body lean. It’s also a natural anabolic food which contains compounds that are helpful in building muscle fibers. It also helps to detoxify the body, so that you can more readily absorb other supplements.

SlayIt Thermogenic Cream


Energizes and fires up the skin. Caffeine minimizes the appearance of stubborn fat and moistures and stimulates the layers of the skin smoothing them out and increasing circulation.

Euglena Extract

A micro marine algae that infuses the skin with vitamins and antioxidants for moisturization and detoxification.


Maca Root

Increases energy and endurance, balances hormones and mood, detoxifies and grows and supports muscle mass, while maintaining curves.

How do I use SlayIt Thermogenic Cream And Wrap Together?

Grab you Slay It cream and squeeze a generous amount onto your fab abs. Rub the SlayIt cream onto your stomach area before a workout, for best results pair with the SlayIt waist trimmer and wrap tight for a snug fit. Work out, take a walk or do some yoga and feel the burn.


Thermogenic fat burning

Smoother, tighter skin

Increased circulation and perspiration

Reduces cellulite

Breaks down stubborn fat

Slims the waistline

Build muscle

Recover faster

Balance Hormones

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