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You’ve stumbled on a great place to start! Our monthly starter kit comes with a 30 day supply of every product that you need to make your butt bigger and improve the overall look of your hips and butt. Typically, our customers see a small change within 4-12 Weeks of taking our product, just make sure to notice your progress and take measurements and photos along the way. With a  30-Day Supply of Gluteboost Pills,  30-Day Supply of Gluteboost Cream, and a 30-Day Supply of XXL Weight Gainer  you will have everything you need to build a bigger booty.


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If you order our monthly kit on subscription, you’ll save 10% on ALL THREE of our butt enhancement products; you’ll get our Gluteboost Pills, Gluteboost Cream, and even our XXL Weight Gainer. We’ll even do one better – if you order our monthly kit on subscription, we’ll give you free shipping on your first month!

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