Waist Trainers: How To Shape Your Body

Jan 25 2020 - Gluteboost Team

Waist Trainers: How To Shape Your Body

Do you look at women with tiny waists and wish that could be you? Do you watch what you eat, do tons of crunches and still feel that you aren’t all the way to the slim waisted, big bootied look that you see on so many women on Hollywood red carpets?

It could just be that they know a secret that you don’t. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe all use waist trainers to get their killer curvy figures. 

Way to the slim waisted

There are a few reasons why this is the go-to tool for getting that hourglass shape.

How do waist trainers work?

For centuries, women have known that boned corsets could train your figure to give you a super slim waist with round and feminine breasts and hips. Women would use increasingly tight corsets to train their waists down to thinner and thinner sizes.

The secret of how corsets could adjust your shape fell by the wayside, but has been rediscovered by women who want to get the sort of definition that waist training provides. Starlets like Jessica Alba sing the praises of these garments, which helped her get her body back into rocking shape in record time after her pregnancy.

Just putting on the waist trainer for the first time will pull in a couple of inches. And, you’ll gradually see a lasting change in your shape with regular use. Over time, you can trim your waist substantially.

Your body is flexible and malleable. Skin, body fat and organs all move when you exercise, bend or twist. The waist trainer helps mold your middle into a slim and pleasing shape. As you use the trainer, it trains your waist to hold itself in a new and slimmer shape. The fat pads on your waist and hips can be trained into a new and slimmer shape. The floating ribs, since they are not attached the your breastbone, can also move and take on a new shape over time with regular use.

To work, the waist trainer needs to be used regularly. Some people choose to use it for six to eight hours each day, five days a week. Others go as far as the “23/7 routine” wearing the waist trainer both day and night, taking it off only to bathe. Steel-boned waist trainers shouldn’t be worn during workouts because they can restrict your movements, so definitely leave it in the locker while you hit the gym!

While the waist trainer is changing your shape, you get the benefit of the support and the smoothing look. This tool can help you look slimmer and curvier right away. It helps your posture, so you stand up straight and look your personal best. The taller stance makes you feel more confident, bringing out your inner glow!

How do waist trainers work

Why we’ve decided to add this tool to our offerings.

Part of what gives you that luscious big booty look is contrast: your butt looks bigger and rounder when it is juxtaposed with a sleek and tiny waist. We believe that every woman should have the power to sculpt her body into the shape that she wants.

We’ve searched everywhere for the perfect waist trainer to give you that vavavoom figure. After extensive research, we found the perfect one. This attractive trainer can be worn daily to help slim your waist and mold your body into the hourglass shape that you want.

And, it feels great on. The waist trainer provides support that smooths your figure and makes you look great in every outfit. The slimming support makes you stand taller, improving your posture and your gait. You’ll get a major confidence boost the first time you step out in it that will support you all through your transformation into the very best version of yourself.



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