VOLUPLUS™ Shape up your silhouette

Jun 11 2020 - Gluteboost Team

VOLUPLUS™ Shape up your silhouette

Your self-image affects daily life and even more for those who don’t have that perfect hourglass figure they want. This discrepancy undermines personal confidence and self-esteem. For this reason, getting the desired image is so important.

The breast is a key symbol of femininity, beauty, and sensuality. 

While there is certainly more to being beautiful than having large, full breasts, there is no reason women cannot strive to improve how they look and feel.

How to Get What You Want While Avoiding Surgery

If you want larger, more voluptuous breasts, you have a couple of options. The most invasive one is breast growth surgery. Not only is it a risky choice, but it’s an expensive one, too, and well beyond what most can afford.

For many women who want to get curves in all the right places, the answer is volumizing products like Gluteboost’s TaTa-tastic brand, which contains Voluplus.

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What is Voluplus?

Voluplus is a natural product made from nutmeg. It promotes the formation of fat cells in the affected region. The increased density of fat cells helps firm and round out the breasts.

Voluplus helps increase its volume and show the silhouette women want, influencing personal and professional life. It is an active ingredient from nutmeg (Macelignan) solubilized in macadamia oil to Curve-Building its power.The use of macadamia oil, rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and palmitoleic acid, gives smoothness, stability, and affinity to the skin.

Voluplus works naturally, safely, and effectively on adipose tissue cells located in the breast. Unlike surgery, the mechanism is not invasive, it respects the bust's nature and natural structure.

It also promotes the formation of new cells capable of storing lipids while Curve-Building the capacity of existing cells to store larger amounts of lipids. More cells with more fat storage capacity result in a fuller breast. Voluplus has been shown in clinical studies to expand the size by up to 18%! Voluplus is entirely natural and safe.

Why Voluplus and Volufiline Are a Power Couple

Many products, including those we offer at Gluteboost, pair Volufiline with Voluplus to create a power couple. Volufiline increases adipocyte volume in fatty tissue by increasing lipid storage and activating adipocyte growth and proliferation. Volufiline is a completely natural blend of biological compounds that performs the same function as many products containing hazardous chemicals but without the hazards.

Check the Label

Before you buy any breast growth cream or product, do two things. First, check the label. If it contains Voluplus, you are probably on the right path.Voluplus offers a safe and effective way to get the breast you want. 

If you find any substances you don't recognize, make sure you thoroughly investigate them to know they are safe and effective. Chances are, if you can’t pronounce it, you should avoid it. 

Get to Know the Brand

Also, do some research about the brand. There are plenty of companies that offer products that either don’t work or are not safe. You want the best, so make sure you buy from the best to get it. 

Gluteboost is refocusing and redefining powerful herbal remedies purely based on science. Our plant-derived formulations provide a compelling creative choice in our socio-cultural desire for broader curves.

Gluteboost is all about growth and change. We want to boost your development and weight loss results, as well as your overall health. And we're not stopping there. We donated a portion of each purchase you made to our local food bank. That is our commitment as we try to end hunger across the world while giving you that hourglass figure you want.


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