How to regulate your hormones and gain energy in 2023?

Feb 16 2023 - Gluteboost Team

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Hormones work behind the scenes to play an integral part in your overall health. Regulating them affects everything from your weight to your sex drive.

So in 2023, make hormone regulation a top priority. We can help with products and information from Gluteboost on how to balance your hormones in the coming year.

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Protein is Critical

Protein provides you with amino acids that your body cannot make on its own. You need amino acids from proteins to make peptide hormones. These hormones have a critical role in metabolism, energy, appetite management, and even reproduction. Therefore, protein is one of the most vital hormone-balancing foods available.

If meat isn’t your thing, you can get plant-based hormones that offer the same benefits. For example, Gluteboost’s ThickFix Weight Gain Shake is an excellent source of whey-based protein and can help balance your hormones.

Get Moving in 2023
Exercise is the answer if you are wondering how to balance hormones naturally. Physical activity increases hormone receptor sensitivity. That means it enhances your body’s ability to read and utilize hormone signals. Hormones are messages. Without proper receptor sensitivity, you miss the most important calls, like those controlling blood sugar levels and pressure.

Exercise should be a priority for everyone this year for energy and fitness, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. For instance, a simple exercise routine using resistance bands will help build muscle.

Look for products that enhance how well you burn fat when you exercise, like our SlayIt thermogenic cream. Using a scientifically proven formulation can help you lose fat in the right places.

Work Your Booty

Think Past the Obvious

A hormone-balancing diet and exercise plan are obvious answers for anyone looking for better health in 2023. However, you need to think beyond the obvious and find products to help you reach your goals. There are supplements to balance hormones, for instance. Gluteboost’s MacaStack is a perfect example.

MacaStack offers maca root, which is a phytoestrogen. It can provide you with energy, vitality, and more stamina for exercise. It will also boost your metabolism. It is just what you need when training at home.

Vitamins to balance hormones can’t replace day-to-day body care and hormone-balancing foods, but they give you something extra to feel good and do the work. So, how to get your hormones balanced in 2023? Think diet, exercise, and supplements. Find out more by visiting our Gluteboost website today!


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