DermaRoller: The Best After Bath Massager

Jan 31 2023 - Gluteboost Team

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It is easy to underestimate the restorative power of massage. It is a healing practice that goes back to ancient civilizations.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that massage can help you manage everything from anxiety disorders to headaches to back pain. The key to getting all the benefits is having the right tools available to you, like Gluteboost's 3D DermaRoller.

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How Does Massage Benefit Your Health?

Massage improves the circulation in tissue. That, in turn, can:
-Lower stress levels
-Improve muscle function
-Relieve muscle tension
-Reduce pain
-Lower heart rate and blood pressure

It is something that is easy to do and that most people can enjoy. It is sensual and healing at the same time. Having the right tool can initiate a healing response, like the best massager.

The DermaRoller from GB is scientifically designed to stimulate a healing response, reduce cellulite and wrinkles, and smooth out stretch marks. There is evidence that it might also help fade blemishes and hydrate skin when done daily after your bath or shower. The reviews we get from our customers support that evidence:

-83 percent say it decreases cellulite and stretch marks
-91 percent state they saw improvement in skin firmness and elasticity
-86 percent offer that it also helps their skin look younger.

The DermaRoller is sulfate and paraben-free, and dermatologist-approved. Just as importantly, the DermaRoller on Amazon, or available from our website, is easy to use. At Gluteboost, all our products, including the DermaRoller, are scientifically formulated, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

Work Your Booty

How to Use the DermaRoller

One nice bonus with the DermaRoller is that you can do the massage yourself. So you don't need a partner to get the massage you need.

That means you can use the DermaRoller before a workout routine or after your bath – whenever you need it. Just run the roller over your skin and start measuring your results. Our customers get the best results when they use it daily. The key to finding success is routine.

Combine the DermaRoller With Other Healing Products

The design of the DermaRoller also makes it an excellent tool to use with other science-based formulations from Gluteboost. For example, try it with our BootyDream Bum Cream to get the booty you've always wanted.

Move that massager upstairs for curvy breasts, too. The Gluteboost Tata-Tastic Breast Cream provides a powerful, plant-based formulation to help lift and plump the breasts. Add on DermaRoller massages to smooth and firm the skin, as well.

You don't know what you are missing if you've never tried a massage. So give our Gluteboost DermaRoller a try for a massage that you can enjoy in private. And check out our website for other products that will empower women.


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