5 InstaModel Tips to Taking Gorgeously Sexy Selfies

Jan 18 2020 - Gluteboost Team

5 InstaModel Tips to Taking Gorgeously Sexy Selfies

Is it just me, or is life starting to feel like you’re only as beautiful as your best selfie? We looked high and low to find the absolute best tips for creating the best selfie you’ve ever taken. Kim K. isn’t the only one who’s selfies are on point, and with these tips, you can create a sexy selfie repertoire that anyone would be proud of.

Whether you’re trying to take sexy selfies for your man or up level your Instagram following

A good selfie is a combination of lighting, posing, and of course – composition (the stuff that makes up the photo!).

How to Take Cuter Selfies?

1- Perfect Your Lighting Situation

If you’re indoors, find a window! The best lighting for the perfect selfie is indirect light from a window with the sun shining in. Be careful to avoid TOO harsh of lighting – no one likes an overexposed photo.This works best if you have a light on behind you, and the sun coming through the window is BRIGHTER than that light.

If you’re outdoors, face away from the sun and position yourself so that your head is blocking the sun itself (or your face will get really dark). If you can’t get this just right, go outside on a bright and sunny day, but stand in the shade… Make sure your phone (or camera) is in the shade too, or you’ll again get really dark.

One trick you can use is holding the camera at your selfie angle and turning around slowly (a full 360) until you find the PERFECT lighting in the room that you’re in. You might feel a little silly, but it’s 2017, you get a pass!

Perfect Your Lighting Situation

2- Find the Perfect Pose

Work your angles, girl! We all have angles that work miracles for us; experiment to find yours. This may mean taking 20 selfies to get one that you love, but we promise, it will be worth it. Gone are the days when holding your phone above your head was the most flattering angle.

Instead, keep your phone just SLIGHTLY upwards of your head, and get it closer to your face when you take the photo. You can try different head positioning to get it as gorgeous as possible. The same camera positioning (slightly above you) is great for full body selfies, too. You can also add some “va-va-voom” by popping your hip out and forward or bending your knee.

Lift your head up toward the camera and took directly in the lens; once you’re postured, raise your eyebrow slightly to make your eyes look big and beautiful.

3- Slay with killer skin

Spoiler alert! Most of the Instagram models posting their fresh-faced “no makeup” looks ARE in fact wearing makeup. Even if it’s just foundation and some mascara, these filter-free photos are generally not as fresh faced as the internet would have you believe.

4- Still, if you’re skipping your makeup

The best thing to do is make sure your skin is clean and clear. Regular facials and keeping your eyebrows well-groomed are KEY to a good selfie.

5- Post-production and editing

This is NO surprise, but a solid filter will work MAGIC on your selfie game. We highly recommend “Color Story” (a paid, but affordable) app for android and iPhones that helps you literally perfect the color in your photos.

You can get everything from obvious trend-setting photo filters to minor color correction, making it awesome for lifestyle photos AND selfies. Everyone’s skin tone favors a different filter, so play around to find the one for you.

Post-production and editing

6- Composition

There’s one secret that Instagram models tap into almost all the time, and we’d bet they do it unknowingly. The rule of thirds is KEY to a gorgeous selfie. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a full-body photo or just a snapshot of your face, the rule of thirds applies. The rule of thirds tells you where to place the focus point of your photo, making for a beautiful image! You can read more about the rule of thirds here.

Remember, all of these techniques take practice. Even the most seasoned selfie-sisters generally take 10-15 photos beforethey find the one they’re ready to post. Tag your selfies with #HeartYourHeart and let’s see what you got.


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