Increasing Your Feminine Curves with ThickFix Cream & Protein Powder!

ThickFix was a line developed to help people put on weight. With a huge focus on muscle mass, these products were meant to help you add weight in a feminine / curve-friendly way. By using the ThickFix cream and shake while taking Booty Dream pills, you can expect to see bigger and better results faster.

For most people, in as little as 6-8 weeks if you’re using both the ThickFix cream and Weight Gainer together, or 8-12 weeks if you’re only using one of the products. Because these are all-natural products, this can vary from person to person. Make SURE you take before and after photos, it’s hard to see slow gradual changes with just the mirror! For best results, use these products for at LEAST 3-6 months.

The ThickFix™ Bundle - Gluteboost
Unleash the beast, because our ThickFix Bundle is here! This bundle was created for our customers who wanted to grow not just their booty, but their overall physique. Our Booty Dream bundle will he...
$181.32 $161.95
ThickFix™ Weight Gain Cream - Gluteboost
We may not have a quick fix for thicker thighs, but lucky for you we’ve got ThickFix! This silky, smooth cream is the perfect product to round out and tighten up the whole body. Scientifically prov...
$44.50 $39.95
ThickFix™ Weight Gainer protein Shake - Gluteboost
Not everyone’s goal is to lose weight, for some thiccc and curvy is the bomb! Our ThickFix Curve Enhancing Weight Gainer will shake up your world. With whey protein, glutamine peptides and DigeSeb ...
$44.50 $39.95

Weight Gain Protein Powder that works!

Our Premium Whey Protein Complex and Whey Protein Isolate contain an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly. This protein and amino acids are building blocks for increased muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Our Glutamine Peptides are bonded Glutamine, this type of Glutamine is better assimilated by the body allowing quicker rates of muscle growth and recovery. And DigeSeb Enzymes promote optimal digestion and effective absorption of nutrients allowing you to maintain a healthy weight and increase energy levels. This weight gainer packs a powerful punch.

ThickFix™ XXL Weight Gain Pills - Gluteboost
When you want to bulk up, and you want it to happen now, then XXL Weight Gainer pills are the answer. This proprietary weight gainer formula is a blend of powerful herbs and protein sources to stim...
$42.95 $34.95
The ThickFix™  Super Stacked Bundle - Gluteboost
We’ll get your body stacked in no time with our Super Stacked Bundle! The ultimate package for training, weight gain and muscle growth. Made up of our Booty Dream Supplement, Booty Dream Cream, Mac...
$216.00 $193.95

How does Gluteboost’s Weight Gainer Products work?

There are two main active ingredients in our ThickFix products, Volufiline and Voluplus. Volufiline promotes body volume using a lipofilling-like effect, creating lipid storage which expands the cells at the dermal layer. Case studies have shown cells to increase up to 22 times their original size. Voluplus increases the creation of new cells that can store these lipids, increasing the number of cells to be filled and expanded. These two ingredients combined with the moisturizing benefits of aloe, shea butter and coconut oil will leave your whole-body smooth, tight and plumped.

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