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I was a little skeptical at first, but after giving the cream some time and using as instructed, I believe I am seeing results. My personal measurements have shown between a 0.50" and 0.80" increase in size and I'm filling out my shorts nicely increasing my confidence along the way. Will continue using and see if results keep getting better. On my 5th month and still working. I am even feeling more jiggle now, like when I do calf raise exercises.

Was skeptical at first but after reading all the reviews I'd figure I'd give it a try.. this is 3 weeks after use of both of the pills and cream and I am impressed . Defiantly gonna buy more and can't wait to see the results after 3 months

I absolutely love my gluteboost! It's really works

This is a genuine, effective product. I've done extensive research to find something that would help me regain some healthy curves lost from some past health issues, because despite my best efforts I had been unable to restore mass in some places, even years later. Anyone who has lost weight suddenly will know the struggle of restoring a soft and healthy silhouette only to be stuck in the sullen, angular phase even after weight is gained back. That is no longer the case, as you can see in my photos! In just a couple weeks of use, I've been able to see a sizeable improvement. I'm truly ecstatic. My jeans no longer sag, I can even sit on someone's lap without causing them discomfort, and sitting in hard chairs isn't nearly as painful anymore because there's finally some cushion again. I had no idea a "cosmetic" change would yield so many practical benefits!As for the cream itself, it's been so simple to use. It's heavily moisturizing yet not greasy, absorbs readily, and has even improved the texture of my skin where other heavy-duty lotions have failed. It takes just a couple minutes out of your day to apply, morning and night, and has been worthwhile even just for the skin benefits alone. The scent is pleasant and mild, and as someone who gets migraines from harsh scents, that was a huge bonus. The cream is thick, but spreads and soaks in surprisingly well.My only complaint really would be the tube being difficult to dispense as it gets emptier, but I have that problem.

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My cousin begged me to search for "non-surgical" methods to enhance her butt and didn't want to come to the gym with me. So i did some research and found this. She was skeptical but now she doesn't stop talking about how Great! it is so now I'll have to buy some more.

Just started using this and my butt definitely feels firmer, especially after each application. You can feel it working. I am excited and I think is going to be a great product. Will post update after 1st month has ended!*****UPDATE******So I've bumped this product up to 5 stars. The cream has shown noticeable results all around. I've been using the whole system as shown in the picture. I must say, the cream really works even all on its own. If you plan to use the whole system, make sure you diet and exercise accordingly as the pills can make you gain weight in other areas. However, gluteboost does work and the cream does wonders.

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Just made my second purchase hopping for the results!!! My husband is app happy!!!

Just got my package superr happy with my purchase arrived very quickly!!! My husband re ordered me the product again so very happy!!!

I’ve been using this brand since 2017. It does work, but you can’t just rub it on and see results. You need to either be walking around in heels for 8-9hrs or you need to do a 30-60 minute workout on your glutes to see results. After two months/60 days of continuous use, results do show. It might not be major results for everyone, but for some it will be.

I love this stuff. It's like a miracle in a tube lol. I got noticeable results in 5 days with just the creme used 2x aday! It's more lifted & firm. I put on a pair of jeans on day 4 & thought they felt tight then on day 5 my husband was like "Wow your butt is getting bigger" can't wait to try the pills. I'll post a pic (I edited it mainly becouse I don't one of the boutiques on instagram stealing my photo trying to sale their products)