When we think of Marilyn Monroe, Ashley Graham, Beyoncé, Shakira, Amber Rose, or Sofia Vergara, we think “fabulous booty.”  We know these women are celebrities, but Gluteboost gives women the ability to achieve the same look by incorporating the GB routine into their daily lives.

How do Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Pills work?

Allow us to break it down for you. Essentially, there are three steps to achieving a bigger, fuller booty naturally. (If you’re not going for size, the same three steps can lead to the perfect heart shaped booty.) 

Step 1: Store fat cells in all the right places.

Many people don’t realize how many estrogen boosters are found in nature, and with ingredients like wild yam, don quia, and saw palmetto our pills are full of these amazing boosters. The job of the female hormone estrogen, of course, is to give women the curves they need to reproduce if they so choose. In the case of Gluteboost butt pills, their job is to act like tour guides, directing fat cells to your hips and booty.

Step 2: Build the three glute muscles at a record pace

Not to brag, but our proprietary booty enhancement formula also includes maca root, believed to work at the cellular level to make your butt muscles stronger and larger. Never one to rest on our laurels, we took it one step further by adding soy extract to help you retain your newfound muscle mass, even while losing weight.

Step 3: Get rid of fat from unwanted areas

Finally, our pills are loaded with protein sources and vitamins,  designed to help you drop water weight from problem areas like your arms and tummy. If you’re one of those people who bloats and tends to carry around extra pounds of water weight, you will find these additions particularly helpful. What our clients find is that once the area around the booty begins to slim down, the size of the bottom seems larger in comparison.

As a bonus, we’re also launching a new thermogenic we call “Slim” to help you shed even more fat!



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