Your Booty Questions, Answered

Grab your MacaStack and your favorite beverage. Take one pill a day. For increased results take prior to workout. For even better results take with Booty Dream supplements.

MacaStack isn’t required, but there’s a reason it’s found in multiple bundles! MacaStack amplifies your results and is great for your overall health and wellbeing. If you want to see the quickest results in the shortest amount of time, and feel your absolute best, adding in MacaStack is a no brainer.

MacaStack is a dietary supplement and is not subject to review by the FDA. However, our MacaStack supplements are made in a U.S. factory that is FDA Safety Certified.

You can, however it will not work without working out and the results will be minimal.

For most people, in as little as 6-8 weeks if you’re using all three Booty Dream products, or 8-12 weeks if you’re only using one of the products. Because these are all-natural products, this can vary from person to person. Make SURE you take before and after photos, it’s hard to see slow gradual changes with just the mirror! If you’re happy with your results, email your before and after photos to for a chance at free products. For best results, use these products for at LEAST 3-6 months.

All three of the Booty Dream products, Booty Dream Supplements, Booty Dream Cream and MacaStack, play an important part in achieving the best results. That being said, if you’re looking to start with only one or two of the products, you should pick the one that fits your lifestyle best. If you eat well and workout, the pills may be the best product to start with. If you don’t workout very often, the cream may be a better place to start. Remember, the more you work, the more the products work.

There are no known unexpected side effects to MacaStack. You can expect a feeling of tightness on the skin where the cream is applied. For the first 2-3 days of using the pills, you may experience some “detox” symptoms like more frequent bathroom breaks.

You do not technically have to exercise to see results. Our products alone will help you achieve improvement. However, if you maintain a healthy diet and incorporate glute exercises into your routine, you will achieve your goals much faster and overall, you will experience much better results. Keep in mind that Booty Dream stores “healthy” fat, not bad fats, so make sure you maintain a healthy diet.

In most cases the results will remain permanent for long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and routine. However, if you immediately change your diet or workout regimen at the same time you quit taking our product, you will most likely see some changes. After using MacaStack and Booty Dream consistently for 4-6 months, most of our customers report permanent results using the products intermittently after the initial long-term use.

The ingredients in Gluteboost products have been well tested and researched and we have found no known side effects. That said, if you are concerned, please do not hesitate to take our ingredient list to your local pharmacist or physician for their seal of approval before taking them.
The FDA does not regulate or offer testing for dietary supplements; however, the facilities that manufacture our products are FDA-Certified for safety and quality control. All consumable products are produced here locally in the United States.

We’re happy to report that Gluteboost products are completely inclusive and can be used by all genders. In short, YES, men can use our products as well.

Yes! Our products are shipped in unmarked packaging and the return label says, “Supplement Technologies”. If you are ordering these products internationally, please be aware that customs REQUIRES that we list the contents of these packages in an easily accessible envelope so that they can be inspected for safety.

We are currently offering Worldwide shipping to all seven continents. We do our absolute best to get orders shipped quickly and in the most cost-effective way.

If you are located within the United States, you will be offered a 2-4 day shipping option and a 5-7 day shipping option. You can choose the shipping method that works for you. If you are international, the products will leave our warehouse within 2 business days. You can expect to receive your products within 7-14 business days, but there are sometimes delays with customs that we cannot control.

Why BootyDream?

Maca is a 2000 year old superfood that naturally boosts energy and increases stamina. Maca is low in calories, but high in protein, helping to keep the body lean. It’s also a natural anabolic food which contains compounds that are helpful in building muscle fibers. It also helps to detoxify the body, so that you can more readily absorb other supplements like Booty Dream. Of course, it works best if you do, and since the buttocks has the largest muscle group in the body, Maca naturally helps you grow a bigger butt. It also helps you keep the curves you already have, giving you the best booty of your life.

Maca Root

Increases energy and endurance, balances hormones and mood, detoxifies and grows and supports muscle mass, while maintaining curves.


All natural ingredients


Increased energy

Hormone balancing

Helps support and grow muscles

Detoxifies the body

Maintains curves

Safe, natural and effective

No artificial hormones or expensive surgeries

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