How Does Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream Work

How Does Gluteboost Butt Cream Work?

Have you been contemplating getting plastic surgery to increase the size of your booty? Do you dream about how amazing it will be to fill out your jeans and flaunt your derriere? Introducing Gluteboost butt enhancement cream: a solution to your problem that doesn’t involve any risky surgeries or harmful side effects.

The powerful ingredients found in our butt enhancement cream rival the results even a surgeon can get. When creating our highly sought after booty cream, we researched all of the best butt enhancement creams on the market to ensure that ours surpassed them all. Full of natural ingredients that head straight to the source of the problem, our butt cream formula works hard to give you the firm, smooth, plump rear end of your dreams.

Our primary ingredients, volufiline and voluplus have been proven to stimulate fat cells causing them to grow larger and more dense; the other ingredients (like cocoa butter, watercress extract, aloe, etc) help smooth and firm your skin diminishing the look of stretch marks and blemishes. With this product, you’ll be taking your butt from flab to fab in no time!

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Great customer service.

Richie - 02, Feb

Great personal live customer service. I had some concerns regarding the pills but they were all swept away after the clear answers I got from Nikki.

Wonderful customer service

Yv - 02, Feb

Wonderful and timely advice from Nikki!

Absolutely perfect!

Lauren - 13, Jan

Every time I have used the live chat, they have answered every single one of my questions perfectly, and honestly! They are so polite and are there for you. I recommend this company to anyone! They are great!

Skeptical at first but its work in so far

Shy - 11, Jan

I'm 3 months in on my 6 month jurney, I grown over to inches but want to go bigger. I'll post back after 6 month.

Very nice chat :)

Tonje Øvregaard Lunde - 29, Dec

I chatted with Nikki and she was very nice and answered all my questions. Whether this works or not is still to be seen. The only bad thing is that you have to order through eBay if it's outside the US and the link she gave me to their sellers account didn't work so I hope I'll be able to find the r[...]


Samantha - 23, Dec

Two words: fast & patient!

Customer Service review only, too soon for product review.

Christianna - 22, Dec

I always get great customer service from Nikki; I have been mulling this decision over and over in my mind and finally purchased the product. Just got it yesterday. I have confidence that this will work even better than expected. Will keep you posted!

only rating 4 stars for now

Quisa - 09, Dec

I have been taking gluteboost since 11/19/2015 and it's 12/09/15 I have notice slight results so for which is good I plan on taking them for at least 6 months. My delivery came on time and packaged well. The only thing is I didn't receive the free diet and fitness guide that I have seen others menti[...]


Jessica Surman - 08, Dec

Brilliant customer service. My questions got answered straight away and they were very helpful.

Excellent Customer Service

Alexis - 28, Nov

The customer service was great. All my answers were answered and I feel content on purchasing the product. I was looking around and came across this brand and heard a few good things about the product. I can't wait to purchase my product and get my results! Thanks Nikki!

Wonderful customer servive

Steph C - 14, Nov

I had to cancel my auto shipment for one month due to other expenses, it was easy and Nikki was extremely pleasant to chat with. I haven't seen any results yet, I've only been taking it for one month but the customer service alone deserves a gold medal.

Great Customer Service

Tish - 14, Nov

I spoke with Nikki on the online chat..she was very informative and answered all my questions promptly. Glad customer service was great, gave me more reason to order! Thanks...

Great Chat Support

Sophia Lopes - 10, Nov

Nikki is always very helpful with any inquiries I have. She is courteous and very prompt. I always enjoy our quick chats :) Thank you!

Butt enhancement-Garcinia

Davetta - 10, Nov

I live chat with customers support (Nikki). She answered all of my concerns. I have been taking these pill for a little over 2 mo, and have seen results.

Excellent Service

Emilia - 03, Nov

They answered every question quickly and thoroughly. I am so impressed, and ordered my product immediately afterward. Thanks, guys!

No doubt it, Its Works !

Tiara K. - 30, Oct

when I seen this product, I want to try quick ! So I order the pills & took it everyday faithfully. I workout & ate healthy with it. People try if you want a big booty !

can't wait to try

john sun - 15, Oct

Im a male and was looking for help to getting a bigger butt. The customer service was very helpful and I can't wait to start using the supplements.

All around great!

Marie - 09, Oct

Nikki at gluteboost was amazing and answered every question i had with amazing efficiency even after being short staffed she took care of me as a priority, i had so many concerns and she addressed them all with no hesitation. After taking the pills for a little over a month i can see and feel amaz[...]

This product is amazing

Veronica Berrios - 07, Oct

When I first seen Gluteboost. I was not to for sure if it will work, but I tried it anyways. I took it for 6 months. And I have to say I was glad I made the choice of getting it. It really worked for me and i also did alot of squats. I seen the diffence every month that passes. I feel awesome in eve[...]


Riley - 29, Sep

The team at Gluteboost are fantastic, so kind and caring about their users. I am recommending the company to my friends.

Knowledgeable and Friendly

Audrey - 28, Sep

Thanks Nikki!! She gave the answer to what I needed. Looking forward to getting this product to use 😉

very helpful

carmen hatcher - 23, Sep

thank you for the help nikki, cant wait until i get product.

This product is amazing

alex@123 - 22, Sep

When I see the product first, time on its website, I was confused, I was worried about the failure of the product, but really friends after using this product I am so happy because it is working and changes the shape of my butt. Now I am fully confident and recommend it to all.


Danielle McManus - 15, Sep

I Love These Products ... I been using it for 5 months and I have great results