Hi ladies. My name is Kimberlee. I’ve been using Gluteboost for about 8-9 months now and within like the first month to 3 months I’ve seen a complete change. It reshapes your whole entire butt. So um, it starts from the hips and I started seeing my hips change. Because I was one that had no shape at all. So it fills your hips and then slowly, but surely went to the bottom of my butt where you started seeing that crease (or as my fiance calls it ‘the drop’) which changed completely and for you ladies I would advise be patient because especially the ones who have no butt at all. I had nothing. When you have nothing it’s reshaping your whole entire butt so it takes more time cause it has to fill certain spots and spread certain spots. It’s been now like 8-9 months and I went from 27 Inches to like 38-39 inches I’m at right now. I continue to take it. I can’t live without it. It gives me energy and makes me feel better.