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How to Make Your Butt Bigger: Are Butt Implants Safe?

It’s no surprise that butt enhancementsurgeries are one of the trendiest cosmetic procedures of the moment. Every year, a growing number of women are going under the knife to get implants put in their butt to make it bigger, rounder, and sexier. And it sounds like a great idea on the surface – walk into a clinic and come out a few hours later with a bigger butt. But remember, we’re talking about surgery, and all surgeries come with their risks. So if you want to know how to make your butt bigger and you’re thinking about getting butt implants, stop what you’re doing and read this now. It could save your life.

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How to Get a Bigger Butt Fast: The Dangers of Butt Implants

Like breast implant surgery, a butt implant procedure is a surgery where artificial devices are inserted into the butt cheeks to make them bigger. In many cases, these implants are also silicone, just like breast implants. In other cases, liquids or gels may actually be injected into the butt to fill it out.

Unfortunately, there are some problems with butt implants that can make them dangerous. One of the key things that arguably makes butt implants more dangerous than breast implants is the fact that you sit on your butt for long periods of time every single day. This can cause the implants to shift or move around, and when that happens, this can cause fat atrophy, cosmetic deformity, and in some cases, permanent damage. Your butt may look lumpy and weird, and the implanted areas could collect fluid and build up pressure, leading to pain, discomfort, and other issues.

On a related note, because your butt is designed to be sat upon, healing up from butt implant surgery can prove tricky. After all, how can you expect the incisions to heal properly when you’re sitting on them? Any time you bend over or even take a step, your butt shifts and moves around, making it really hard for you to recover from your implant surgery. One women told a reporter that butt implant surgery “hurts so much I cannot sit down for even five minutes.”

This opens the door to infection. When you have wounds that are constantly irritated and don’t heal properly, especially in an area like the buttocks near the anus, they can very easily become infected. If that happens, you could get very sick and your life could even be at risk.

In fact, at least 15 women have died from butt implants since 2011. Many others have been seriously injured, in some cases losing their limbs or getting seriously ill. Sometimes, the substances that are injected into the butt even spread through the body into the lungs, brain, or heart, causing death.

Now, that’s not to say that all butt implant surgeries end poorly. Many women have seen successful results with butt implants, and they swear by it as a method for how to get a bigger butt fast. But here’s the important question – Is it really worth risking your life to get a rounder butt?

For most women, the answer to that question is no. This is especially true when you consider that there are many other safe alternatives for how to make your butt bigger. Taking all-natural butt enhancement supplements, adding protein and healthy fats to your diet, and doing targeted butt exercises a few times a week are all safe, natural ways to make your butt bigger without putting your health at risk and without spending thousands of dollars on surgery.

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