If you’re like most of us, you love your body but would also love to see a little more junk in the trunk. Who can blame you? Having curves–and the confidence to rock those curves–is sexy and fun. And if you’re doing things to try to enhance your bum naturally, then it’s helpful to know how much of a difference your hard work can make. So, how much can your booty really grow in a year?

How Far Can You Go with Buttock Enhancement? 

With regular consistent effort, in a best case scenario, you could reasonably expect to see an increase in the size of your booty by up to 40% in one year. That’s right–40% more booty to love, dress up, and flaunt. But remember what it takes: regular consistent effort.

Your results are directly determined by how much time and energy you’re willing to put in to your #BootyGrowth game; if you want to slay those skinny jeans, you better start by SLAYING the booty-growin’ lifestyle. Buttock Enhancement isn’t magic; nothin good comes easy, girl! You know that.

What Does 40% Growth Mean? 

What’s 40% growth look like? Welllll, it’s a few inches! It depends on where you’re starting and how hard you hit those goals. If you’re just taking buttock enhancement products and you eat like crap and you’re not working out, you can (1) gain some extra LBs (not what we want) and (2) miss out on some DOPE results. If you spend 3 days a week doing butt workouts and you eat RELATIVELY good (not even perfect, just good!), you’re going to see AMAZING results.

The Math for Your Body and Potential Growth

If you WANT to measure it (and, you don’t have to because I’m going to give you an average), you measure your butt at the biggest part, and then you measure your waist. Now, subtract your waist from your butt. What’s left? Cool, now add 40% to that! Below is an example, but for most people, that’s a solid few inches (up to 5-6). Below you can find an example, but girl let me tell you – USE a calculator. Unless you’re good at math, then please, move forward

BUTT: 38

38 – 32 = 6in  — 40% of 6 Inches is 2.4 Inches.

Because I know You Have to See it to Believe It! 

Because you are like me, and it’s hard to believe this stuff, you can checkout our girl below. She works out a few times a week in the gym (Get it, Claudia!) and used Gluteboost for about 4 months. Can we say, bad ass?

Gluteboost ResultsShe Grew 5 Inches in 4 Months, Here’s the Review: 

I’ve been ordering your products now for about 4 months or so and have been seeing GREAT results.

My glutes are 39 inches right now, I believe I started at around 34 or so. I am still in pursuit of adding more size, I was skeptical about the glute boost cream before buying it but figured I’d try it out seeing the great reviews that I read on amazon. 

Im glad I bought this cream because I can say its added about 30-40% more size to my glutes. I literally feel like my muscles are refreshed and awakened after applying this cream! I think it added that “drop” that I was looking for toward the bottom of my butt cheeks. 

I will continue to order your products no doubt about it! I need them! They really help boost my confidence! Thanks for reading! I dont usually leave reviews but this product deserves a great rating! 5 out of 5 stars I would say!


How YOU Can Go from Flat to FAB.

Eat to thrive.

Throughout the year, it’s important that you’re eating just enough food to support your physical activity and muscle growth–no more, and no less. Eating too much food, or not the right kinds of food, can leave you with extra unwanted pounds. On the other hand, not eating enough food won’t give your muscles enough energy to grow.

Now, we’re not saying you have to be perfect 100% of the time when it comes to your diet. Life (and birthday parties and work parties and bachelorette parties, etc.) happens. But in reality, your #bootygoals start in the kitchen. If you want to gain a few inches on that beautiful bum this year, then at least 80% of the time you need to be eating lean protein, fresh produce, and healthy fats, and passing on the processed carbohydrates.

Get Off Those Glutes, Girl! 

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a gym membership or fancy workout clothes. In fact, some of the buttock enhancement exercises can be done in your very own living room–no equipment required. But no matter how you like to workout, be sure to add in some exercises that specifically target your glute muscles, like squats, lunges, and kettlebell swings. Resources like Fitness Magazine and Cosmopolitan are great for some badass booty inspiration.  And try not to just go through the motion. Of course not every day can be a hard-hitting training day, but remember that if you’re not challenged by an exercise, it’s not going to do too much for you.

Products that Kick-Start Your #BootyGoals 

Consider butt enhancement pills and butt enhancement cream. These products won’t replace hard work, but they can accentuate those booty gains and accelerate your butt-building journey. Why? Butt enhancement pills and butt enhancement cream products like ours are full of safe and natural ingredients that smooth out your skin, increase mass, and stimulate cellular growth in all the right places.

In studies, each of the two active booty cream ingredients we have (Volufiline and Voluplus) produced up to 20% growth WITHOUT any lifestyle change. Can we say YES?

What do you do to stay inspired and on track when it comes to your #bootygoals throughout the year? Share in the comments below!