Women who have curves and their secrets to keep their body curvy

Nov 25 2021 - Gluteboost Team

Women who have curves and their secrets to keep their body curvy

Curves are the thing right now. That much is evident when you look at the women with curves making the covers of fashion magazines like the Kardashian’s, Jennifer Lopez, and even Beyonće. They have three things in common:

-Large, firm breasts
-Small waists
-Big booties

In other words, they have curves

So how do these women keep those killer hourglass bodies?

Jennifer Lopez

Even now that she is past the age of 50, her body is still banging. J-Lo has the shapely figure that many women dream about, but what is her secret? 

For J-Lo, the answer is exercise and diet. Her workout plan covers her entire body because working both the upper and lower sections will strengthen the abdominal muscles and provide that curve for women. 

Her strict diet plays a role, too. She focuses primarily on whole foods and doesn’t eat processed products. She also follows a low-carb plan with plenty of lean proteins.

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Beyonće personally coined the phrase bootylicious. Her bigger butt is one of her trademarks. 

Beyonće relies primarily on a low-calorie diet to maintain her curvy shape. She tends to a lot of eat fish and whole grains. She also believes it is essential to be open to new ideas and trends.Therefore, she is willing to try new diets and even wellness products to get her desired results.

For exercise, she likes to switch it out a lot. By changing her fitness routine frequently, she keeps her body guessing. Becoming too familiar with a particular exercise can keep you from pushing the limits. When you introduce new things, your body will challenge itself. 

Serena Williams

Of course, as a professional athlete, tennis star Serena Williams follows a strict diet and exercise plan. She faced criticism as a child for being curvy, but today she embraces the look. 

Her exercise plan consists of running, biking, dancing, and yoga. What she doesn’t do is weight-lift. Instead, she gets her strength training out on the tennis court or by pole dancing, her latest hobby. 

Her diet is primarily plant-based, and she believes in ‘eating to live.’ As a result, her first meal of the day is lunch. When training, she relies heavily on pasta, too.

Kim Kardashian

Some of the most famous curves to hit the gossip pages belong to reality TV sweetheart Kim Kardashian. She credits a rigorous diet and exercise plan for her famous booty.She is a devoted fan of the Atkins diet, which cuts most carbs and feature proteins and healthy fats. Kim also follows a plant-based eating plan and has nothing processed. 

The reality star works out six days a week without fail. She doesn’t do much cardio but instead focuses heavily on weights. 

Getting and Keeping Your Curves

One thing is clear — no two women follow the same plan. Yet, they still all manage to have killer bodies and beautiful curves.So, the moral of the story is each person needs to find their path. For some, that will include natural supplements, like you find at Gluteboost.

These products can help you get a bigger booty and breasts naturally. They can also provide a way to gain weight in a targeted manner. So, those extra pounds go to your butt and not your waist. 

Check out the Gluteboost website to learn more about how naturally beautiful women get and keep those curves.

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