Women empowerment meaning GB

Apr 21 2022 - Gluteboost Team

Women empowerment meaning GB

As the song says, strong, independent women rule the world. It is something that Gluteboost believes. We create products that improve self-image and make women feel and look stronger. 

We create products that improve self-image

What could be more empowering?

Woman Empowerment Definition

If there is one term that has often surfaced throughout recent conversations about diversity, it is empowerment. But unfortunately, it is essentially untranslatable in any language other than English. Yet, by emphasizing the term "power," the notion it communicates relates to earlier ideals based on political and intellectual movements across the world, such as freedom, emancipation, independence, mobilization, and participation.

Women's empowerment may boost women's self-esteem, capacity to make their own decisions, and right to influence societal change for themselves and others. It is directly related to female empowerment, a fundamental human right that is also critical to establishing a more peaceful and prosperous world.

At Gluteboost, we believe in giving women the tools to find their empowerment. An empowered woman is not just beautiful. She is smart and able to make choices that benefit her life.

Woman Empowerment Definition

The Gluteboost Story

Susana Campanella is an empowered woman and the CEO of Gluteboost. Susana has a science background specializing in molecular biology and has been an entrepreneur for ten years.

She is adamant about the scientific necessity that a good beauty or health product must offer its customers. It must provide tangible benefits and no adverse effects. That is the basis behind Gluteboost as a company and the female empowerment products we offer.

Gluteboost is all about change. Our goal is to boost your muscle gain results in your weight loss efforts, all while promoting your overall health. And we don’t want to stop there. At the same time, we believe in making world changes that matter. So for every purchase on the Gluteboost virtual store, we donate a portion to our local food bank.

But we don’t just want to grow your curves and support the food bank. We want to make a greater impact on your life. That is what empowers you. We want to motivate you to be a better you. Remind you of how special you are and that if you’re alive, you can make a small change and make a huge difference in your life. At Gluteboost, our social sustainability efforts are toward women’s mental and physical health.

The Gluteboost Difference is Empowerment

For targeted effects, we are refocusing and redefining existing potent herbal formulas. Our plant-derived formulas offer a compelling creative option in our socio-cultural need for larger curves.

We have decided to collaborate only with partners that share our vision. We take our service to the next level to help empower our customers, too. That is why we include free training and subscriptions in entrepreneurial thinking, career development, professional mentorship, and skill-building. This is how we give back to our community and the woman that are our customers.

If you are looking to empower your life, now is the time. Movements supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment are all over the globe and continuing to grow. Gluteboost supports the empowerment of women and your personal journey.

Check out our empowering supplements and products to learn more about Gluteboost.


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