Why caring for your Butts skin is important?

Jun 23 2022 - Gluteboost Team

Why caring for your Butts skin is important?

Most people understand that skincare is vital to looking and feeling your best, but they focus on the face. Your booty deserves some skincare love, too, though. Skin issues can pop up anywhere, from your face to your knees to the booty. But, once you get past that awkward feeling of caring about the skin on your butt, you can focus on making it better. 

Most people understand that skincare

So, how can you take care of the skin on your butt?

Tighten Things Up

Carrying for that derriere will take more than just exercise and a healthy diet. Start on the outside and work inward. That will not just firm things up, but if you do it right, you can add volume, too.

So, how to take care of your butt to get the best results? Start with the best butt moisturizing cream – Gluteboost’s BootyDream Bum Cream. It is specially formulated with aloe, shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia seed oil, and watercress for deep moisturizing. It also adds volume with Volufiline and Volupolus.

Volufiline and Volupolus have a lipofilling-like effect that actually expands the cells and activates the growth of new ones. At the same time, it tightens the skin to reduce the sag.

Tighten Things Up

Moisturize With Love

Your basic body lotion isn’t good enough for your butt. You need something designed for this purpose like BootyDream Cream. Body lotion creates a barrier that holds in moisture. That’s great, but what if your skin is already dry?

BootyDream Cream contains natural ingredients that deeply moisturize and protect. It is the best moisturizer for dry skin but formulated to build up the butt, so it looks and feels good.

Massage Your Butt

You heard us right. We want you to massage your butt to activate circulation and improve the texture of your skin there. Start by moisturizing with BootyDream Cream.Then, massage the area to get the best effect as you apply it. Do it twice a day and especially after you shower.

While your booty is still wet, massage the cream into the skin. This will trap the moisture where you need it the most.

Now, use the Gluteboost 3D Derma Roller to relax the muscles and start the skin renewal process. The combination will give your butt a soft yet firm feel.

Think Anti-Aging for Your Butt

Your skin ages everywhere, not just on your face. The best anti-aging cream for your butt is, you guessed it, our BootyDream Cream. You want the aloe and the oils to help moisturize but also a vitamin E cream that works to slow the aging process.

Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant. Antioxidants help reduce the damage done by the environment and aging,so your butt skin will look younger and fresher. In addition, the volumizing pulls the skin tight, so there is less cottage cheese and more sulky smoothness.

When you think about your healthy skincare routine, don’t forget that you have skin all over your body. So if you want your booty to shine this summer, give it the skincare treatment it needs to build those curves and keep your skin healthy.

Check out our Gluteboost virtual store to learn more about our Curve-Building products. And be the best you ever.



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