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What is Buttock Augmentation?

Gluteboost Support - Jan 12 2020

Take a look at the hottest female A-list stars, and you’ll notice a trend. Most of today’s most popular, beautiful celebrities have amazing curves, particularly in the hips and buttocks areas. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce…these are just a few examples of women with shapely, sexy backsides that make guys and girls alike stop to take notice. 

And not surprisingly, it’s become commonplace for women to take steps to try to make their own butts bigger and shapelier.

Enter buttock augmentation

It’s the process of reshaping and enhancing the gluteal area through some outside means, such as plastic surgery or natural supplementation. There are all sorts of different methods for butt augmentation, including:

-Butt implants
-Butt injections
-Butt lift (fat grafting)
-Butt enhancement supplements

Buttock Augmentation Surges in Popularity

According to the most recent statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt augmentation is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures being performed across the country. In 2013 alone, nearly 10,000 butt augmentations using fat grafting (also known as the Brazilian butt lift) were performed in the United States. That’s 16 percent more butt lifts than were completed in 2012.

Additionally, the popularity of other butt enhancement treatments is also increasing. More and more women are traveling abroad to get butt implants, an often dangerous procedure that has led to death in some cases. Other women, looking for safer, more natural options, are taking supplements that use natural ingredients, like maca root, saw palmetto, dong quai, femu greek, wild yam, and soy extract to increase fat storage in the hips and buttocks for sexier, rounder curves.

Is Buttock Augmentation Safe?

The safety of buttock augmentation is something any woman considering treatment needs to consider carefully.

While there are some safe, proven methods for getting a bigger butt, there are also some treatments that pose serious risks. Butt implants, for example, have been linked with amputations, infections, and even death. The same can be said for butt injections. Even some butt enhancement supplements have dangerous side effects because they don't contain safe, natural ingredients.

Remember, if you're doing any sort of treatment to get a bigger butt, whether cosmetic surgery or supplementation, you're taking steps to change your body and your overall health.

It’s a medical decision that needs to be taken very seriously. No matter what type of buttock augmentation you are interested in, it’s important that you take the time to do your research.

Ask the right questions, and get all the information you can to make a smart decision that’s truly in your best interest.

Buttock augmentation is a great thing when done properly. Just make sure you’re getting the butt enhancement treatment that’s right for you.

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