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How Do Waist Trainers Work?

Longing for a slimmer waist? Good old diet and exercise are obviously important to reach this goal, but you can also help encourage a slimmer waist by wearing solid waist trainers. Never heard of it? Learn more about it to see if it’s right for you. If you’re familiar with corsets from Victorian times, you have an idea of what these things are. In simplest words, it cinches your waist while accentuating your hips and breasts for a sexy hourglass figure every woman wants. Modern flex-boned corsets are the best quality and will last a long time.

Benefits of Waist Trainers 

  • Reduce your waist size for a flattering hourglass figure.
  • Strengthen your core and improve your posture.
  • Encourage you to eat less in one sitting, helping you adopt the healthier practice of eating several small meals a day instead of three large ones.

Picking Out the Best Trainer

You have to make sure your waist trainer fits properly. If you can check each of these items off your list, this means you’ve found the perfect waist trainer for you:

  • Great structure to it so it doesn’t roll over itself when you try to cinch it up.
  • Adjustable so you can cinch it tighter when you’re ready.
  • Tight enough that it pulls your waist in, but not so tight that it’s difficult to breathe or painful to wear.
  • Closes properly with no bulging or tendency to ride up. If these things happen, you need to buy one size larger.

Phases of Waist Training

Training a smaller waist is a gradual process. You’ve got to ease yourself into it to prevent over-training and hurting your body. It’s also important to break in your waist trainer to prevent damaging it. Follow these phases of waist training for the best success:

  • Wear your new waist trainer for two to four hours per day for the first week.
  • Wear it on the first set of clasps so it’s slightly looser.
  • Gradually add an hour or two to your daily waist training routine until you can wear it for eight to 10 hours per day.
  • As the waist trainer is broken in and your body gets used to wearing it, start using the second set of clasps for a tighter fit.
  • As your waist becomes smaller, the trainer will become increasingly looser. When you’re ready to take the results to the next level, progress to a smaller size waist trainer. Begin by wearing this new trainer on the first set of clasps until you get used to the tighter fit.

How to Speed Up Waist Training Results

If a smaller waist is your goal, keep in mind that it could take anywhere from two or three weeks to two or three months to see noticeable results. Speed up the process with these tips:

  • Once broken in, wear your waist trainer for a full eight to 10 hours every day or even longer if you feel comfortable.
  • Adopt a healthy, balanced diet that reduces sugar and fat while increasing fresh food, whole grains and lean protein.
  • Exercise regularly, incorporating both weight training and cardio into your routine.

Best Tips for when You Waist Train

This final bit of advice will help you as you begin your waist training journey:

  • Drink lots of water. Wearing a waist trainer will make you sweat more, so you need to stay hydrated to counteract this.
  • If you ever feel too uncomfortable in your waist trainer, take it off.
  • Don’t wear your waist trainer while exercising.
  • Consider buying two waist trainers and alternate wearing them to help them last longer.

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