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VOLUFILINE™ - Harmonious Curves for a Gorgeous body

Gluteboost Support - Jun 11 2020

Function: Promotes body volume by a cosmetic lipofilling-like effect.

Definition:Sarsasapogenin extracted from the roots of Asian botanical Anemarrhena asphodeloïdes in an oil-soluble excipient. PRESERVATIVE-FREE

Properties:VolufilineTM stimulates adipocyte differentiation and proliferation and promotes lipid storage, leading to increased adipocyte volume in the fatty tissue.

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene Anemarrhena Asphodeloides (Root) extract.

Volufiline for buttocks: A natural way to boost your butt

Today, thanks to super influencers like Kim Kardashian and Jolo, the butt is considered a thing of beauty. Although having a nice butt was always something to strive for, it is less about the shape today than the volume. Big is truly beautiful when it comes to your backside. 

The problem is many of us are not born with that beautiful hourglass figure. It takes work to get it beyond just going to the gym. 

When considering products that can enhance your butt or your overall figure, you first check the ingredients. Not all enhancing products deliver on their promises. Ingredients tell a story about what you can expect from your investment. 

One thing specifically to watch for is Volufiline. 

What is Volufiline?

Volufiline is an oil-soluble excipient obtained from the roots of the Asian plant Anemarrhena asphodeloides that contains sarsasapogenin. It adds volume to the body by mimicking the effects of lipofilling. Cells have been found in experiments to grow up to 22 times their initial size.

Volufinline increases adipocyte volume in fatty tissue by increasing lipid storage and stimulating adipocyte growth and proliferation. Volufiline is a completely natural blend of biological compounds that performs the same function as many products containing hazardous chemicals but without the hazards.

To get technical, because we are all about the science, the mechanism of action in sarsasapogenin is elucidated by the DNA-array technique. Sarsasapogenin activates the differentiation pathway (PPARY.COPS3, COPS5), stimulates lipid incorporation through the glucose/fructose pathway (adipophilin, SLC2A5, GLUT5), and promotes fatty tissue setting among the extracellular matrix (LOX, ECM2).

Point of interest: Sarsasapogenin is a phytosterol with no hormonal activity.

INCI Name:(Check CTFA on-line dictionary for latest INCI name) Hydrogenated Polyisobutene Anemarrhena Asphodeloides (Root) extract.

Volufinline and Voluplus Make the Perfect Couple

As powerful as Volufinline is in helping to shape your body, it works better when paired with Voluplus. They are the perfect couple.

By boosting lipid storage and encouraging adipocyte development and proliferation, Volufinline enhances adipocyte volume in fatty tissue. Voluplus is derived naturally from nutmeg. Similar to Volufiline, Voluplus stimulates the growth of fat cells in the area applied. This increased density of adipose cells lets your booty store more fat, making it larger and rounder.

Choose a Brand That Makes Science the Star

At Gluteboost, we believe science should be the star of anything you put on or in your body. When shopping for volumizing products, whether for your buttocks or breasts, look for a brand that focuses on science. 

If you Google butt or breast enhancement, you’ll see many products available, but how can you trust them to be effective and safe? The answer is to learn everything you can about the brand before buying. If you want the best, this is the way to get it

Gluteboost is refocusing and redefining potent herbal treatments based only on scientific evidence. Our plant-derived ingredients present a tempting creative option in our quest for more prominent curves.

Gluteboost is all about development and evolution. We wish to improve your growth, weight reduction outcomes, and general wellness. And we're not going to stop there. Each purchase you made resulted in a donation to our local food bank. That is our goal as we work to alleviate hunger throughout the world while also providing you with the hourglass figure you desire.

BootyDream™ Cutie Bundle - Gluteboost
BootyDream™ Cutie Bundle - Gluteboost


BootyDream™ Cutie Bundle


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