Tips to combat laziness when I go to exercise

Feb 24 2022 - Gluteboost Team

Tips to combat laziness when I go to exercise

It’s easy to fall into that trap of not feeling like exercising today. Maybe you skipped a couple of workouts and are having a hard time getting started again. So how does one get that lazy butt back on track even when you say, “I have no motivation to exercise”?

If that sounds like you, trust us, you’re not alone

Consider some tricks that can help you fight the “I can’t do it” phase and get back to exercising. 

Rethink Your Goals

Sometimes the problem isn’t laziness; it’s a lack of motivation. That poor motivation might have to do with unreasonable goals. With regular exercise, you won’t get a six-pack in just a few weeks. 

Setting unrealistic goals can lead to burnout, meaning you start skipping your workouts. Take a close look at your goals and determine whether they are manageable. Just giving yourself that permission to set new goals could be all it takes. 

Rethink Your Goals

Set Targeted Goals

Perhaps your goals are too vague. For example, if you are looking at exercises to make your butt bigger, it might be more motivating than just wanting to have a better body or be more in shape. 

Make sure that you create goals that focus on a specific target and ensure it is something you can measure. Not, I want to lose weight, but I want to lose 10 pounds. 

Find Something New

Maybe what you are calling laziness is actually boredom. If you have been doing the same butt lifting exercises for three months, you might need to try something new. Exercise motivation can die when you are so bored that you can’t do it anymore, so you take a break.

Once that break is over, it isn't easy to get back on track to do the same thing again. Shift things around, so you are not doing the same workout every day or even every couple of days. Add in some fun things that can help you get and stay fit, too, like swimming on some days and biking on others.

Lose Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk affects your life in many ways, including putting a damper on your exercise motivation. If all you think is I’m so fat no amount of exercise will help, then chances are you’ll go back to eating chips on the couch. 

Shift your negative thoughts to positive ones. Every time your inner voice tells you something negative, take a minute to remind yourself of something positive. You can always find something positive to say about yourself. If you are struggling, make a list and refer to it every time the negativity starts. 

Look for Reinforcements

Maybe the answer to how to get motivated to exercise is to try something new that help improve your results. Just rewarding yourself with something new, like a BootyDream Bum Bundle, might give you a new lease on life. When you are excited about one thing, it’s easy to get motivated to exercise, and eat right. 

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