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Your 2 best allies for holiday weight loss the Thermogenic Cream and Waist Trimmer Belt SlayIt™

Gluteboost Support - Oct 21 2021

Every holiday season seems to bring with it a few extra pounds. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for that rich food and delicious desserts.

Now is an excellent time to start paying attention to weight loss tips to drop so that you can drop those pounds. Start with eating right and exercising. Amping up your gym time with the right SlayIt™ tools will make it much easier, like the waist trainer belt combined with their thermogenic cream.

Live a healthy life, taking care of yourself before and after the Christmas treats

Why Use This Combination Together on Training Day for weight loss?

The waist trainer and thermogenic cream combination mean even more fat burning when combined with weight loss exercise. But, of course, the ability to drop those holiday pounds requires you to burn more calories. Both the waist trimmer belt and the cream focus on just that, so they work even better in combination. 

The benefits of using both includes:

-Slims the Waistline
-Thermogenic Fat Burning
-Increased Circulation and Perspiration
-Reduces Cellulite
-Breaks Down Localized Stubborn Fat

Do you want a Wasp Waist with Waist Trainer Belt?

A waist trainer (waist trimmer belt) is a shaping garment that leads to a sleeker, smaller waist. The success of the trainer is only as good as the design, though. That’s why finding the best waist trimmer belt is critical. 

The SlayIt™ Waist Trimmer Belt covers the stomach for a great fit and increased comfort. The custom shape and fabric will also improve your core strength and posture. 

The SlayIt™ Waist Trimmer Belt wraps around your middle to enhance your workout. This sculpting belt works by raising your core temperature, boosting perspiration, and increasing calorie burn during exercise. That extra power helps you lose belly fat and improve your shape quicker faster once the holiday season ends.

Do waist trimmer belts work, though? Science shows that hard-to-burn areas like the waist have less blood flow. So intensifying the heat in these areas and improving the blood flow target the most resistant cells. The unique design of the SlayIt™ Waist Trimmer Belt increases heat and blood flow by as much as 15 times when used with the right thermogenic cream. 

What is a Thermogenic Cream?

A thermogenic cream is a transdermal (through the skin) product that burns fat and tightens the skin. Stubborn fat lies just under the top layer of skin. The SlayIt™ Thermogenic Cream targets that fat, helping to burn it for energy. 

At the same time, the cream tightens and smooths the skin. It also opens up the pores and increases circulation to stimulate perspiration. The combination means less subcutaneous fat and a slimmer waistline.

Why do we recommend SlayIt ™ Products?

When you want results, you turn to the best in the business. SlayIt™ is one of the brand lines from Gluteboost a company dedicated to helping you get results and boost your overall health. As a result, they only partner with companies that have that same vision. 

Gluteboost focuses on the science behind their products, too. Our natural herbal formulations provide targeted results that can give you curves that pop. If you want the best in the business, you want the SlayIt™ Waist Trimmer Belt and Thermogenic Cream.

Thermogenic Cream and Waist Trimmer Belt SlayIt

Bundle Them for the Best Results

At Gluteboost, we work hard to make you look and feel your best. So choose one of our fabulous bundles to help lose weight and give your ladies the attention they so richly deserve.

SlayIt Burn It Bundle to weight loss results
SlayIt Burn It Bundle to weight loss results

Thermogenic Cream

SlayIt™ Burn It Bundle


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