When to take my protein shake? Pre or post workout

May 26 2022 - Gluteboost Team

When to take my protein shake? Pre or post workout

It’s a common question. Many people understand that protein shakes are helpful for their active bodies. Protein is a crucial component in rebuilding muscle, creating new tissue, and healing the body. 

Still, do you take one before or after your workout?

What does the science say about workouts and protein shakes?

First, What Is Protein?

What does a post workout protein shake offer? Protein is something every area of your body needs, from vital organs to the skin. There is protein in hair, nails, muscle, bone, and connective tissue.

Protein consists of the base building blocks of the human body – amino acids. Nine of the most critical amino acids must come from food like meat, nuts, and, of course, protein shakes.

What Is Protein

Protein and Workouts

Protein is what gives the body the amino acids it needs to rebuild muscle, which is primarily made of protein. Get these amino acids by consuming protein, but should you do it before or after your workout?

When To Take Your Protein Shake?

Trainers like to refer to what they call the “anabolic window.” The anabolic window is a 30-minute time frame when your muscles soak up protein best. This is when many suggest you take your protein shake. However, the jury is still out on how long the anabolic window lasts.

Whether you should drink your shake during the anabolic window before or after a workout is also hotly contested. At least one study found it didn’t really matter. This 2017 study, published in The Open Access Journal for LIfe & Environment Research, set up two groups, one that had a protein shake before a workout and one after. There was no significant difference in results between the two groups. Both appeared to benefit from the protein. That would suggest you can pick the most convenient time for you.

Should You Drink Protein Shakes On Rest Days

It is one way to ensure you get enough protein that day. A protein shake can also play a role in keeping your blood sugar stable and help give you more energy.

How Much Protein Does a Person Need?

This is a more important question to ask than if you should have a protein shake after a workout or before. When it comes to maximizing your muscle gain, research suggests that the total amount of protein is more critical. According to the National Academy of Medicine, adults need at least .8 grams of protein for every kilogram they weigh. A kilogram is 2.204 pounds, so someone weighing 120 pounds would need around 43 grams of protein each day.

- 120lbs divided by 2.204 = 54.54kg
- 55kg x .8 grams of protein = 43 total grams each day

Ideally, you get that much protein in your diet.

How Much Protein Does a Person Need

Getting the Protein You Need

The quality of the protein matters, like Gluteboost’s Weight Gain Shake with whey protein complex and isolate. Gluteboost products look to help your target the key areas of your body and build fabulous curves. We offer a proprietary formula based on science. Find out more about Gluteboost today!


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