New body goals for New Year’s 2022

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New body goals for New Year’s 2022

With every new year comes a new set of goals. People resolve to do all kinds of things, from saving more money to finally looking at New Year’s Eve getaway deals. If your 2022 goals involve a new you complete with body shaping and body contouring, then you are not alone. New body goals top many lists each year. 

Looking at New Year’s Eve getaway deals

So make 2022 your year to find change — new year, new you. 

Set Your Sights on Natural Way to Shape Your Body

Once upon a time, body shaping meant going under the knife. Today, there are plenty of nonsurgical approaches to body contouring. The goal is to eliminate excess fat and reshape your curves. It’s less about losing weight than it is about redistributing it. 

When body contouring, people focus on the:


Getting the curves in the right place takes some planning. So for 2022, consider a combination of diet, exercise, and products that offer a natural approach to getting that great shape. 

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Exercising to Shape Your Body

There are many approaches to body shaping, but you only need to focus on five moves:

-Push-Ups — The push-up works all the right muscles to shape your body.

-Squats —Squats focus on your core, booty, and lower body.

-Sit Ups — Everyone loves to hate them, but they are critical for thinning your waist and building up your abs muscles. If you have a bad back or are struggling to do a situp, switch to crunches. They can be just as effective.

-Planks — Planking is one of the most comprehensive exercises available to you. It works your core, your upper body, and your lower body all in one movement.

-Burpees — A burpee is a combination of a squat, push-up, and jump. Start with your hands in the air, then squat down, bending your knees, and touch the floor. Transition the squat into a plank and then do a push-up. Return to the standing position and then jump. Beginners can add the jump and the push-up when they want the moves to be more challenging.

The combination of these five exercises is all you need to reshape your body. 

Dieting to Shape Your Body

You can eat for your body type, too. It helps you lose body fat in the places you want it gone. Your body type is a general picture of your shape. For instance:

Endomorph —Soft and round, gain weight fast and struggle to lose it
Mesomorph — Lots of muscle, bone, and connective tissue, athletic
Ectomorph —Thin, often underweight, fast metabolism

Improving your body composition may have as much to do with your diet as it exercises: 

-Endomorphs should cut back on calories and carbs. Their diet should consist of healthy fats and lots of lean protein.

-A mesomorph needs to eat to live. If they are active, they eat more. If they are less active, they need to watch their intake.

-An ectomorph needs to focus on eating more and gaining weight.

Thinking Beyond Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are tools you can use to get the hourglass shape you want, but they are not the only ones out there. There are natural products that can help, too, such as:

-BootyDream™ Cream and Capsules
-Tata-Tastic™ Cream and Capsules
-SlayIt™ Slimming
-ThickFix™ Stacked

These Gluteboost brands give women the tools they need to build up the curves they want. Check out the Gluteboost website and find out more about getting curves the natural way. 


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