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Jan 19 2023 - Gluteboost Team

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It is not a myth that people tend to gain weight during the holiday season. A 2020 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that, on average, you can gain as much as five pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It is also not a myth that losing weight tops the list of many people's New Year's resolutions, and we all know how those usually turn out. Make this year the one where you find that body you want. It is possible to lose weight after Christmas as you head into a new year. What are some of the best ways to lose weight?

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How to Lose Weight?

An excellent place to start is by understanding the principle behind weight loss. The concept is not difficult. It's a math game. You have to eat fewer calories than you burn but not go to extremes.

If you simply stop eating, your body will slow your metabolism to ensure you don't starve. That is one reason fad diets fail for so many. They take calorie restriction to an extreme level, and the body will always protect itself, even if it means you have to carry a few extra pounds.
You see it all the time in the news. Beautiful women with curves change the world every day, from Kim Kardashian to J-Lo to Beyonce; they prove that curves for women are effective and powerful.

What is a Proper Weight Loss Strategy?
Taking a three-pronged approach to weight loss is often the best strategy. First, manage your dietary intake. That doesn't just mean cutting back on calories. Manage the types of food you eat, as well.

Make the calories you do eat count for something. Protein is a good example. Protein is your body's building block, from creating new muscle tissue to fighting off disease. When you eat healthy protein, like the whey protein complex and whey protein isolate you get from Gluteboost ThickFix Weight Gain Shake, you are giving your body calories it can use. Quality protein products like this also help you avoid blender slime.

Candy and simple carbohydrates like potato chips are what dietitians call empty calories. They do nothing to help your body sustain itself. You need to eat calories each day, so why not choose foods to eat to lose weight like:

-Healthy fats such as olive oil

That's a recipe for weight loss success. Even what you drink matters. Does coffee help you lose weight, for instance? It can because it boosts your metabolism.

Work Your Booty


The second prong is exercise. Physical activity increases the number of calories your body burns every day. That means you will reach your healthy weight goal faster and still be able to eat food that is good for you.

Exercise doesn't have to be jogging a mile. Resistance band workouts help build muscle, for example. Muscle helps burn fat. Gluteboost has the best resistance bands on the market.

Think Outside the Box

Food and exercise are primary components in weight loss, but dietary supplements and thermogenic creams can help enhance fat burning. Also, look at products that help you lose pounds in the right places, like the SlayIt Waist Trimmer Belt. You can learn more ways to lose weight on our Gluteboost website.


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