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What to Look For in Pills to Get a Bigger Bum?

Dic 08 2019 - Gluteboost Team

What to Look For in Pills to Get a Bigger Bum?

Women from all walks of life have dreamed about having a bigger booty but have struggled to do so. We at Gluteboost have created tested and proven supplements that work for getting a big but. Our unique blend of ingredients helps broaden the hips and accelerate your curves so that you end up with the body you have always dreamed of. We’d like to share just some of the key ingredients we use in our pills to get a bigger bum and how they will help you achieve your goal.

Supplements that work for getting a big but

Make the butt bigger naturally!

Maca Root

Grown in plateaus of the Andes in Peru, maca root is loaded with B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E. It has been shown to help improve a woman’s health, balance hormones, and give those taking this supplement an increase in energy. All of these factors go a long way in helping women attain the shape they desire, though the primary reason why we at Gluteboost include maca root in our supplements that work for getting a big butt. This is what helps with muscle growth and recovery. This allows you to get that rounder and bigger buttock faster.

Maca Root

Dong Quai

Dong quai is largely used to balance one’s hormones, something which is essential in obtaining that rounder tush. Once a woman’s hormones are stabilized, the fat storage and placement in her body will change. Rather than fat being stored in the tummy area, it will be stored in more desirable areas, such as the butt and hips.

Saw Palmetto

The ripe fruit of this plant is what is used to make this herbal extract. Saw palmetto has a number of benefits, such as:

-Treating coughs and colds
-Helping alleviate asthma
-Treating migraines and headaches

Our butt enhancement products include saw palmetto because it is also proven in helping boost muscle growth and recovery. Much like maca root, including this ingredient in our products allows women to see the results they want faster.


This herb is all about helping women get those feminine curves they have always dreamed of. We found that the addition of fenugreek in our pills to get a bigger bum significantly helped in increasing a woman’s fat storage in the places where she wants it the most.

Soy Extract

An area where a lot of other butt enhancement pills and creams have failed is muscle maintenance. Many products available focus on helping women build muscle, but very few help women keep it. Gluteboost includes soy extract to help your body keep your glute muscles firm and strong. This is essential in helping a woman maintain her shape as her body continues to change and become increasingly curvaceous.

Soy Extract

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