What you didn't know about training and supplements?

May 05 2022 - Gluteboost Team

What you didn't know about training and supplements?

The idea of using supplements to Curve-Building your workout might feel like cheating. But, what it is is brilliant. You use tools all day long to help Curve-Building your life. What about a computer or smartphone?

Supplements are just tools that help you shape the result your want from your workouts. 

Supplements to Curve-Building

So what more should you understand about exercise and fitness supplements?

Not All Ingredients Are Created Equally

If you are hesitant to use a fitness supplement, we understand. They are not all healthy. The trick is not to avoid them but to find the ones with natural ingredients and effective formulas.

Not All Ingredients Are Created Equally

What To Look for in Pre-Workout Supplements?

It is important to remember that fitness supplements don’t replace a healthy lifestyle. They Body-Shaping it. To work, they have to have the right ingredients and effect. Consider some terms that you need to know when shopping for pre-workout supplements.


Superfoods are, in some ways, precisely what they sound like: a category of super-healthy foods. However, not every nutritious item qualifies as a superfood. Instead, they are natural foods high in nutrients while low in calories.

Some superfoods you might see in pre-workout supplements include maca root. Maca is a 2000-year-old superfood that promotes energy and stamina naturally. This wonderful plant is low in calories and abundant in protein, which aids in the maintenance of a lean physique.


An antioxidant is another critical term you see when supplement shopping. These natural substances protect your cells from harm and may reduce your chance of developing heart disease, cancer, and other disorders.


The term "thermogenic" literally means "creating heat." Because your body creates more heat as it burns calories, substances that promote metabolism or fat burning are termed thermogenic. If you think of your body as a furnace, thermogenic productsturn up the heat to allow you to burn more calories and fat while you build muscle mass.


Stick With Ingredients You Can Pronounce

If you look at the label and see many long words that you can’t pronounce, the weight lifting vitamins you are looking at are not all-natural. You want to see easily recognizable terms on that label, especially in the first few ingredient lines. For instance:

-Dong Quai – Not an ingredient you see in everyday food products but a common one in natural pre-workout supplements. Dong Quai is a famous Chinese herb that aids in developing and maintaining curves, regulates the neurological system, and aids in detoxification and anti-aging. Carrots and celery are members of the same botanical family.

-Saw Palmetto – An antioxidant berry ingredient that aids in reducing inflammation in the body, preventing cell damage. According to new studies, saw palmetto has the potential to benefit many different parts of our bodies.

-Wild Yam –A root that Accentuates muscle growth and metabolism by increasing hormone levels.

These ingredients might be found in a healthy, natural pre-workout powder or supplement.

Brand Matters

Where you buy your supplements is just as important as what is in them. Stick with a brand you can trust. Gluteboost muscle gainer workout supplements and curvy products are based on science. Find what you need in the Gluteboost online store and buy from a brand you can trust.


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