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Gluteboost Goes to Vegas for Mr. Olympia

Vegas is one of the places where anything goes. I never feel terribly self conscious about my body or my outfits etc when I’m in Vegas…..until it’s Mr. Olympia, where masses of fit bodied people flock to town.

During Mr. Olympia weekend I typically don’t like to show too much skin or go to the pool parties- mainly just to spare my insecurities the torture.

The global fitness Mecca weekend

Last year, I was getting ready to go out when I realized my dress was extremely see through especially when photographed. I stressed out over what to do for almost two hours while my friend and I got ready to go out. I was not confident enough in my booty to have it on display during the global fitness Mecca weekend.

This Summer, I have been focused on lifting weights and getting my booty to a point where I could be confident and proud. It’s frustrating to hit a plateau with my workouts but Gluteboost has been helping assist my booty growth for the past two months and I have seen a big difference.

This year during Mr. Olympia I was getting ready to go out to the Kaskade show at Omnia and I had a choice to make. Either wear a dress that wasn’t really that flattering or wear the dress that I love- even though it is see through in photographs.

This time I didn’t let any insecurities stop me. I put on the dress proudly and didn’t shy away from photos. Life is too short to stress out over little insecurities…especially when we can consciously make efforts to change those insecurities into confidence.

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