Getting motivated to workout and change your life

April 14 2022 - Gluteboost Team

Getting motivated to workout and change your life

Few would argue that motivation, or lack of it, is a healthy lifestyle killer, especially when exercising. However, motivation is a force in your life whether you are new to fitness, a casual exerciser, or someone who works out regularly. 

So how can you find that one thing you need to get you moving and keep it going?

Where does exercise motivation come from anyway?

So, Where Does Exercise Motivation Come From?

For most people, the answer will fall into one of three categories:


You might start exercising to be healthier. Maybe you do it because you know you should, or you just want to look better.

These three motivations are what sports psychologists call extrinsic incentives. Extrinsic incentives bring external rewards such as avoiding heart disease in twenty years, decreasing weight, or getting that hourglass figure.

On the other hand, intrinsic motives come from inside you, and they bring instant gratification. Extrinsic motivations take time and patience, so they are not enough to get you moving regularly. It is crucial to find an intrinsic reason to exercise.

Where Does Exercise Motivation

Why Intrinsic Incentives Matter

The point is not all motivation is created equally. An intrinsic incentive brings a reward that you can enjoy right away. That tides you over and keeps you moving as you wait for the extrinsic elements like nice curves to pay off. Finding your intrinsic incentive is the key to exercising in a life-changing way.

What Are Intrinsic Incentives?

The ultimate intrinsic incentive is that you enjoy exercise. Unfortunately, that is not true for many, especially those looking to motivate themselves to get off the couch. So, as you ask how to motivate yourself to exercise, think about immediate rewards that might drive your effort.

Create Rewards

Maybe your personal intrinsic incentive needs to be more tangible than just feeling good. For example, something like a tasty treat after your workout might help drive your motivation. You don’t want to binge, though, and undo all your good work.

After exercise, you know your body needs protein to help muscles repair themselves, so why not treat yourself to a delicious protein shake after your workout. The shake will help your body heal and give you a sweet treat at the same time. That works for both your intrinsic and extrinsic goals. Protein supplements and exercise are the perfect combinations.

Use the Right Tools To Get You There

Suppose one of your extrinsic incentives is a better body. You can give yourself a boost right now as a reward for working out. Products like curvy bust growth cream can give you almost immediate gratification by making you look and feel better about your body. Bust growth cream like Gluteboost’s Tata-Tastic help expands cells, giving your girls a fuller, more curvy look.

Your goal isn’t to exercise precisely – it’s motivation. If you find the motivation you need, the exercise will come naturally. Gluteboost can help. Check out our online store and find out more about products that give you those fabulous curves and what you need to get moving.

Use the Right Tools To Get You There


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