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How To Get a Bigger Butt Without Spending A Dime?

Gluteboost Support - Jan 07 2020

Summer is coming, which means it’s almost time to let your beach body booty shine. But even though we’d love it if everyone could afford to use Gluteboost, we know some people can’t! These tips can help anyone slay swimsuit season whether you’re taking our pills or not and get a bigger butt without the price tag.

But even though we’d love it if everyone could afford to use Gluteboost, we know some people can’t! 

1- Find Reasons to Squat it Out 

Your booty’s favorite exercise can be done just about any hour of the day. All you need are some comfortable clothes. The squat is hands down the best way to activate all your major glute muscles and get curves naturally. The basic form: chest up, back flat, feet shoulder-width apart, and knees in line with your feet (but not ahead of your toes).

Aim to get your hips below your knees with each rep. Try adding in a quick set of 20-30 squats when you’re making breakfast, alone in an elevator, bored during commercials, or on a break at work. Make them harder by wrapping an elastic theraband or towel around your knees, or pausing for 5 seconds at the bottom position, so you have to activate your glute muscles even more.

2- Straighten it Up, Girl! 

Want to know how to get a bigger butt while just standing there? Stand up straight! Proper posture is good for your back, your mental focus, your mood–and yes, your booty. The same goes for sitting, it turns out when mama told us to sit up straight; she knew what she was talking about.

Good posture forces your glutes and hip muscles to stay toned and activated, exactly what you need for booty building. Good posture has also been shown to increase your energy, which means you’ll be able to work that much harder during your next gym sesh.

3- The Truth about Your Underwear

Forget about old saggy granny panties. Try wearing supportive pantyhose that’ll help keep your cheeks from sagging and give your clothes a smooth finished look. Some scientists have even shown that wearing tight undergarments like Spanx can actually stimulate blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage.

Flattering and firming! …Ok, so this one may cost a little if you have to purchase some quality spandex undies and pantyhose, but just think of it as an investment in your #bootygoals. But in my opinion, every girl should own a pair of solid spanx. Just sayin. If you’re trying to get a bigger butt more than a better one, you can definitely get padded options too which make your butt look even a little bigger.

4- The Power of Dry Brushing

This little personal massage feels great and is a good way to improve the circulation in the skin, which revitalizes cellular metabolism and helps your skin stay toned and butt lifted. You can use a regular old bristle hair brush or even just your hands. has a step by step guide on dry brushing and it’s benefits. Basically, You make small circular motions around your buttocks with a gentle yet firm pressure. Repeat daily. For an added toning benefit, try making a homemade exfoliating scrub with brown sugar, coffee grounds, and coconut oil: the caffeine from the coffee promotes firm and tight skin.

5- Get Creative and Make it Happen

The last and BEST tip we can give you on how to get a bigger butt, is to stay hungry. Keep hustling to make your goals happen. You can find ways to get a bigger bum just about anywhere and anytime. Stuck late at the office doing paperwork? Do glute squeezes while you’re sitting at your desk. Take the stairs everywhere you go, and if you’re not worried about looking a little silly, take two steps at a time for an extra burn.

Think of these as life hacks for your booty–simple tricks to get you ready for that bikini, without hurting the wallet.

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BootyDream™ Cutie Bundle - Gluteboost


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