Demi + Kate Create the Perfect Workout Wear Line and We're Totally in Love

Dic 24 2019 - Gluteboost Team

Demi + Kate Create the Perfect Workout Wear Line and We're Totally in Love

In case you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t aware of what’s going on in the world (we love you anyway), you should know that Kate Hudson has a kick-ass workout wear line called “Fabletics.” With leggings as low as twelve bucks and styles that make all the BEST parts of us pop, we’ve been a fan for a while.

What you PROBABLY haven’t heard yet though, is that Demi Lovato has recently joined forces with Kate to create some fit looks that will take your SLAY straight into the gym. Side note? It’s SUPER affordable.

We love Demi Lovato for more reasons than we can count

Whether you’re talking about her feminism to her music, there’s plenty to love – but the thing we love MOST is her insanely fun fitspo. If you aren’t following her on Instagram yet, do. You’ll thank us later!

But for now, we wouldn’t be your real friends if we didn’t spill the protein powder on Demi + Kate’s insanely trendy new fitness line. Even better news? Fabletics carries nearly all sizes – there’s something for everyone.

So, What’s the Best Part about the Workout Wear Line?

Demi has taken to Social Media to promote her new line, and we’re seriously in LOVE with these fit looks.

Can we also just mention, Demi’s got BACK these days.

Get it girl! The best part about the line is the diversity. Whether you’re in love with the form-fitting look of some bomb ass leggings or the urban-chic appeal of a loose-fitting crop top, the new line is absolutely KILLING the athleisure market.

What’s the Best Part about the Workout Wear Line

How Did Demi Get Involved with Fabletics in the First Place?

If you’ve been following Demi’s story for any amount of time, you know that she’s had her fair share of body issues. Everything from being bullied to bulimia, girlfriend has been down quite a road when it comes to her body image. She’s committed a TON of her professional partnerships to brands that help women look and feel bomb.

Even BEFORE her Fabletic partnership, Demi’s social media has always been dripping with fitspiration and motivation (seriously, for days).

Demi told ET Online that this fashion love affair can actually be traced back to when Kate and Demi met in the gym – they actually started as workout partners!

"We actually started working out together after we met in the gym," she recalls. "She was doing, like, this arm workout. So then I was like, 'Can I join?' She was like, 'Yeah,' and she was super cool -- super sweet. And they came to me with the idea and I could not say no." The pop superstar told ET.

The 3 Best Heart-Worthy Workout Outfits for Your Booty

In honor of this amazing news, we pulled three kick-ass looks from this line that will have you looking bootylicious in no time.

Mesh-Back Long Sleeve Top with Purple-POP Leggings:This is a personal favorite of ours when it comes to the Kate + Demi line. The sultry mesh back on this top shows off the hours you’ve been putting in the gym without distracting from the booty at all. It’s form-fitting, black, and sexy.

Strappy Hot Pink and Black Top with Mesh + Black Leggings: Demi says it best herself, “We used sexy details like cutouts and mesh in unexpected ways so you can show a hint of skin with confidence.” @ddlovato

The Blue Fit-Shapes Leggings: These fierce blue leggings can be seen ALL OVER Demi’s Instagram, and we absolutely love this look if you want your legs to look toned and tight. They used strategically placed black and a bright, vibrant blue to emphasize the most toned parts of your legs and frame your beautiful booty.

Don’t Leave it to the Leggings, Get the Booty of Your Dreams

It would be amazing if we could throw on a sexy pair of leggings and be blessed with the magic of a perfect ass, but sadly, that’s not the case. If you’re ready to kick-start your glute routine and get the ass of your dreams, you can check out these awesome booty workouts that you can do from anywhere.


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