Are your curves ready for your vacation?

Mar 04 2022 - Gluteboost Team

Are your curves ready for your vacation?

Now is the time to start thinking about getting those curves beach-ready. Of course, you should always strive to look and feel your best, but with spring on the horizon, most people think ahead to warm sun, poolside drinks, and sandy beaches. 

Should always strive to look and feel your best

What will it take to get your bodylooking its best for summer vaca?

Get Motivated

Even if you don’t have an exact destination in mind, start looking at pictures of your favorite vacations spots. Even if the beach or pool isn’t your thing, you still want curves that will fill that new dress just right and a body with the stamina to walk through art galleries and historical museums.

Get Motivated

SlayIt With the Right Tools

If your idea of the perfect beach body is curves, curves, curves, then the right supplement can get you there faster. 

First, think about what it will take to get that beautiful look you want for summer. If the answer is to slim down a bit, then Gluteboost SlayIt Slimming Bundle is just what you need. You’ll get Slimming tea backed with scientifically proven ingredients that help to burn off those extra pounds. 

You’ll also take advantage of the SlayIt Cream which works wonders on stubborn fat. Now tack on the SlayIt Waist Slimming Belt and you’ll get closer to that hourglass figure that will look great with or without that new bikini. 

Target the Tough Spots

As you work on getting those curves just a bit curvier, target some of your more stubborn spots. For example, if you never quite get that shapely booty from exercise, think outside the gym. 

Gluteboost BootyDream products will boost those fabulous curves in all the right places. BootyDream Cream, for example, can give you a plumper and tighter butt, just like you see on some top celebrities. 

If you need to focus a little higher up, look into Gluteboost’s TaTa-Tastic bundle, complete with powerhouse supplements designed to increase breast tissue, and Tata-Tastic Cream with anti-aging ingredients. Add to this potent mix Maca Root Power Capsules. Maca root is a superfood that helps boost your energy, slims your waistline, and give you a better recovery time after your workout.

Create a Targeted Workout Routine

Supplements work best when combined with a killer workout routine and a healthy diet. Start by establishing a baseline for your workout.This means figuring out what you can do right now and where you can build. 

For example, you might see how push-ups you can do in 60 seconds. Push-ups use almost every muscle group in the body, so they tell you a lot. What was most challenged during your push-ups? Was it your arms? Then schedule one or two strength training days working on those arms. If your core wasn’t holding, then that is your focus for a few days as well. 

Establish an Eating Window

You hear a lot about intermittent fasting, but all that means is creating a window of time when you can eat and one when you can't. That will mean meals in the morning to the late afternoon and nothing to eat after 6 PM for many people. 

The point is to avoid food several hours before bed. This means your body must pull from your fat reserves when you sleep. 

Establish an Eating Window

Get Your Protein On

A balanced diet consists of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Protein, though, is what your body needs to build those curves. You also don’t need to eliminate carbs. Just cut out the bad ones like sugar and refined grains. Stick with whole grains and natural sugar from fruit to round out your diet for a better beach bod.

Check out Gluteboost and get your curves ready for summer.


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