What to look for when buying Activewear?

May 12 2022 - Gluteboost Team

What to look for when buying Activewear?

Activewear is a tough market these days, so much so that buying workout clothes can feel like walking through a landmine. Of course, you want to be trendy, but let’s face it, if it is uncomfortable or doesn’t make you feel good, it’s not worth it.

We want to help cut through some of that noise

Consider some key features you should look for in activewear.

That Stretchy Feel

Activewear has a certain look and feel. It should fit tight but not feel tight. Quality activewear gives you the best of both worlds – support and comfort. For that to happen, the fabric must have elasticity.

You want activewear that looks good on you in all the right, curvy ways but still allows you to move. When wearing it, you should feel compression that helps your circulation but that does not interfere with your ability to work out.

That Stretchy Feel


You sweat when you move, at least if you are doing it right. So activewear needs to allow your body to cool naturally, and that requires breathable fabric.

Dry-fit technology is a next-level quality that offers an innovative fabric design to protect your skin from moisture and lets it breathe while you do your thing. Moisture-wicking funnels sweat from your skin surface to the air, where it can evaporate and help cool you down.

Ease of Use

If it takes an hour for you to squeeze into the activewear, something isn’t working right. You need to feel the support of the fabric but still be able to get in and out of the clothes with ease.

Look for a stretch waist, too. Zippers, buttons, and hooks interfere with your movement and make the clothes harder to wear.


Even if you look and feel great, you waste your money if it falls apart in the dryer. Instead, look for activewear labeled “tumble dry.” Make sure to read the label of any garment you buy, especially activewear. Some require you to keep the dryer's temperature low, protecting the activewear's shape and flexibility.


Sleek geometric patterns, bright solid colors, or even a cute saying make activewear interesting. But, if it doesn’t look good, you might not feel good in it. So, pick activewear that makes your personal style statement.

Also, you want it versatile. Maybe you want something you can wear to the gym or under a smart jacket. How about mixing and matching? You could own three pairs of leggings and six tops and have a new look each exercise day.

Sleek geometric patterns

Fabulous Curves

There is no reason workout clothes have to be frumpy. Instead, look for something that contours your body, making you stand out in all the right places. Contouring technology flatters your body, so you look as good as you feel.

It also can provide support that Body-Shaping and empowers your workout. That is true no matter what activity you are doing. Contour fabric bends and stretches when you do.


Also, go with a brand name you trust. Gluteboost has been helping strong women find and celebrate their curves for years. Our activewear line promises to highlight your curves but keep you comfortable and moving at the same time. Check out the Gluteboost activewear product line today!


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