How To Get a Bigger Butt Without Going Under The Knife

Jul 06 2020 - Gluteboost Team

How To Get a Bigger Butt Without Going Under The Knife

Nowadays, there’s a strong desire to have a gorgeous, plump, big butt… and we cannot lie. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian add to our craving for a nice, round booty, but surgery is not what you want. Neither are injections and can we talk about exercise? Nope!

There are ways to avoid plastic surgery and hours spent at the gym. Booty Supplements and booty creams are the best way to Curve-Building your cute little bum. You can avoid the risks and recovery process, as well as save time to do things like getting your nails done instead!

No surgery, no injections, no exercise, no problem! Although, you might be wondering,what’s in it? Can you trust it? Does it even work?

How Do Butt Growth Supplements and Creams Work?

The answers are necessary because these products are consumed in or rubbed onto your body. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Butt Growth Supplements

A basic breakdown of how supplements work is to redistribute healthy fat cells that you are already producing to other areas of your body that you want to Curve-Building. There are natural products out there that do this organically, such as Gluteboost, which uses ingredients that boost estrogen.

These natural products include wild yam, dong Quai, and saw palmetto.
Wild yam can also help with menstrual cramp pain. Dong Quai can manage things like joint pain and hypertension. Saw palmetto can reduce inflammation which helps muscles recover quickly.

Why estrogen? Estrogen is the female hormone that helps give women a curvy body to set them up for reproductive success. So, why not shake what your momma gave you, and use it to your advantage?

Supplements are just directing these cells down the path to your hips and butt instead of the places where you do not want your fat cells to go. It’s kind of like a tour guide for your gluteus maximus to help it reach the maximum potential it was always meant to.

Again, supplements are made based on the brand, but for some natural products, it also includes maca root. Studies have shown that maca root helps bone health at a cellular level.

Water weight will also drop when using natural products like these because they can be filled with protein sources and vitamins. For people who tend to bloat a lot, supplements can help the slimming process. When your body slims you tend to start seeing results faster, as well.

Butt Growth Supplements

Butt Growth Cream

What to look for in butt growth creams are cosmetic substances like Volufiline and VoluPlus that activate your fat cells. The activation will cause them to grow larger and denser right where you rub the cream.

Volufiline is an oil extracted from the root of an Asian botanical called Anemarrhena asphodeloides. It’s a natural product that adds volume to an area that has lost fat.

VoluPlus is a natural ingredient that comes from nutmeg. This ingredient makes you have fuller curves and as it says in the name, add to your volume.

These aspects of the cream are also important to look out for if growth isn’t necessarily what you’re looking for, but a more full, heart-shaped booty is your goal.

Aloe, shea butter, and coconut oil are moisturizing ingredients that you might find in your Curve-Building creams, as well as regular creams for soothing and smoothing effects. With a nice smoothing effect a good cream can give you a full and toned bottom.

Capsules vs. Creams… What do I use?

It is not necessary to work out using either product, however, the more you work, the quicker the product will show results. This will quicken the process because you are not only strengthening your muscle with a workout, but the pill and/or cream will activate that area to reduce inflammation, recover the muscle faster, and give it that extra boost you want to see.

If you do not work out, the cream would be a better start.

If you do workout and eat well, the capsules might be a better option.

Certain brands do allow you to use both at the same time for a quicker timeline to see results. When you use the products it is recommended that you give them time to work.You will most likely not see results overnight, just as you wouldn’t with injections or surgery or even exercises. You need time for that to heal or build muscle. Just like with booty-growth products, you need time for your body to build up and react to what you’re rubbing or ingesting.

How Are Butt Growth Products Used?

Disclaimer: These are dependent on the brand, so we will use Gluteboost, again, as an example.

For booty-growth capsules, you take one day with a refreshing glass of water. If you do exercise, it is recommended to take it before the exercise.

For booty growth cream, it is recommended to put a little bit into your hands and massage your entire butt with the cream twice a day. Do not use it an hour before bathing, but it is encouraged to use it after you bathe while the skin is still a little wet for maximum absorption.

These products can have long-lasting results that make your booty thick and shaped as long as you maintain consistent use and do not make any drastic changes to your diet or workout routine.

Is Butt Growth Safe?

When looking for the right pill or cream, look for brands that use natural ingredients. It is also important to see how much of each ingredient is used and what the side effects could potentially be. Normally, if it’s an all-natural brand there are most likely no side effects. If you feel uncomfortable it is still important to seek out your local pharmacist or physician and ask necessary questions.

The FDA does not test dietary supplements, as these products fall under that category. You can do some research on the brand you are buying from and look to see if they are using FDA-certified manufacturers for the safest products.

Butt Growth Cream

Should I Be Skeptical of Butt Growth?

Yes, just as you should with any product you buy, and exercise you begin, and cosmetic injection you choose get, and elective surgical procedure you opt-in to have. Research is so important. Your body is a temple, and even though you want the hottest bum in the booty game, you need to be careful with the products you choose.

Ask yourself these questions:

-Are there reviews on the products with photos for proof?
-How trustworthy is the brand?
-Does the brand have instructions on how to take the supplements?
-What is the brands authority in the industry?
-Do they list ingredients I can go to a professional with?
-Do they have a cash-back guarantee?
-Where are these products being sold?
-Are these products FDA-certified?
-Clinically and scientifically tested?

It is a lot to think about, but finding the right product, and trusting the right product is so worth in the end to achieve exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Remember each ingredient matters because every body reacts differently to different products. That means, what is right for one person might not be for another person. It is also advised to look up and do your research on the ingredients that you are unsure of. Find out the benefits and side effects, as well as if they have proven results to activate muscle and fat growth.

If proven results are nowhere to be found on any of the ingredients listed in the product… well, there is your answer.

Outside Factors That Help Naturally Quick Results

If you exercise, focusing on glute exercises will quicken your result process. These areworkouts like squats, sumo squats, single-leg glute bridges, rainbows, a combination of these, and more.

Another way to help monitor the resulting process is booty-boosting food groups. Dieting plays a major role in seeing faster results because a smaller waist gives the illusion of a bigger bottom.

These are foods like chicken, salmon, lean beef, and fruits and vegetables… okay, I’ll stop before we both are hungry!

Are Natural Cosmetic Treatments the Best There Is?

Truly, no one can answer that for you except for you and/or your doctor. However, we will say that capsules and creams are a more natural way to do things. In fact, they are even more easily reversible than going under the knife, not just once but twice.

With capsules and creams, you can monitor if you like the results, if it’s working for you, and you can stop if you simply just changed your mind.

There is no recovery process, no abnormal substance stuck in your body, and no weird animal fat injected into your skin. It is painless. It is quick. It takes no time, and you get gradual results that fit your body.

At the end of the day, it is your choice and your booty. We just think information first is always more important than just diving right into any product or procedure.

Happy researching for a happy booty and happy YOU!


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