Being Confident in your Daisy Dukes

Jan 19 2020 - Gluteboost Team

Being Confident in your Daisy Dukes

I have had a pair of high waisted super short denim shorts in my closet for almost 5 years. In that time I wore them once during one of my skinniest seasons 5 years ago and they have hung in my closet ever since. I’ve tried them on a few times over the years but never could get them to button easily and they have not been flattering on my body since.

Denim shorts in my closet for almost 5 years

This weekend I was asked to wear denim shorts to a photoshoot and before I went out to purchase new shorts I decided to look through my closet and try on something they I already owned.

Use the Gluteboost products and eat smarter

My workouts haven’t been great the past two weeks so I was nervous to try on any of my own clothes let alone the shorts that have been untouched in my closet since my super skinny year. While my workouts may not have been consistent the past two weeks I have been consistent with using my Gluteboost products and eating smart.

I tried on those daisy duke style denim shorts and to my surprise they were loose around the waist and yet so flattering on my butt!

Use the Gluteboost products and eat smarter

How to grow your glutes with BootyDream Products?

Since using Gluteboost I’ve noticed my waist getting flatter and my butt getting perkier. I didn’t realize how amazing these changes were until I put on those shorts.

Normally I’m pretty conservative with my outfits but when I saw myself in those denim shorts I decided to go for it and wear them out to a party and got so many compliments!

What GluteBoost Products are the Right Choice for You?

The trick is to find the right product for your needs. A great place to start is with the BootyDreamTM brand. They target your butt so that it will fill out those Daisy Dukes perfectly.

BootyDreamTM products include:

-BootyDreamTM Bum Supplements — Contains natural ingredients that work as phytoestrogen and help to balance out hormones. For example, Maca is a superfood with many nutrients and anabolic compounds that build muscle. Dong Quai Prompts your body's natural estrogen, allowing it to store fat and promote muscle building in areas where you have curves, such as the hips and buttocks. 

-BootyDreamTM Bum Cream – Bum cream has two main active ingredients: Volufinline and Voluplus. They promote body volume using a formula that expands cells to plump your booty up while moisturizing and tightening the skin. 

Gluteboost has other products that improve your workouts and shorten recovery time. The MacastackTM Organic Supplements, for instance, also contain natural ingredients like Maca to give you beautiful curves. 

Next, give your waistline some love with Gluteboost’s SlayItTM products like:

-SlayItTM Slimming Blend Tea — This tea has ingredients obtained from nature that help you lose weight and reduce inflammation, increase fat burning, prompt your metabolism, and help eliminate undesirable toxins from your body.

-SlayItTM Thermogenic Cream — This unique formula strengthens the skin and eliminates cellulite while tightening and smoothing the stomach. It increases circulation and sweating by opening pores and sweat glands, burning subcutaneous fat, and trim the waistline.

Make the Most of the Bundles

One thing I love about Gluteboost is their bundles. I can get bundles that offer me targeted products all at once. You can get both BootyDreamTM products and MacastackTM in one conveniently priced bundle. 
SlayItTM has a couple of lovely bundles, too. For example, you can get the tea, the cream, and a weight trimmer belt all in one. The belt has a unique design and fabric to assist you in improving core strength and posture, creating a sauna-like effect for increase waist sweat and detoxification and support for weight reduction.


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