How to balance your hormones? May help you feel better and see results

Jan 27 2022 - Gluteboost Team

How to balance your hormones? May help you feel better and see results

Are you wondering how to balance your hormones naturally? A hormone imbalance can leave you feeling tired and moody. For women, these imbalances can start when they are still young and feeling great. When they happen, they significantly impact your weight, mood, and skin health.

The good news is there are plenty of natural and easy ways to get those hormones back in balance without drugs or chemicals.

How can you get a natural hormone balance?

And the right balance of hormones can give your metabolism a boost, helping you build some beautiful curves. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is the glue that holds everything together regarding how you feel and look. Quality, restorative sleep helps to regulate the release of hormones, too.

Your brain needs uninterrupted sleep to progress through all five phases of each sleep cycle. This is especially critical for growth hormone release during deep sleep.

growth hormone release

Make Protein a Priority

Hormone balancing foods can play an important role in making you feel and look your best. At the top of that list is protein.

Dietary protein contains essential amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own, so you need it on a daily basis to sustain muscle, bone, and skin health.

Also, protein affects the release of hormones that regulate hunger and food intake. If you struggle to get enough protein, then consider adding a protein shake to your day. Look for a product with premium whey protein complex and whey protein isolate. 

Work It, Girl!

Physical activity increases muscle-maintenance hormones like testosterone, DHEA, and growth hormone. Strength training, aerobics, walking, and other types of physical exercise can alter hormone levels in a way that lowers the risk of disease and protects muscle mass.

It’s Tea Time

Green tea is a vital superfood if you are asking about how to balance your hormones. Green tea also includes theanine, which lowers cortisol levels (a stress hormone). It contains antioxidants, which help prevent inflammation and the risk of illness.

Specially formulated teas like Gluteboost Slaytea Slimming Blend contain green tea leaves and other critical elements, including turmeric root, sencha tea, and yerba mate leaf, to boost your metabolism and help reduce stress inflammation. The thermogenic formula of this green tea can boost your immunity and improve your skin, too. It’s an excellent choice for someone looking to replace sugary drinks, which can affect your hormone balance in the wrong way. 

Go Organic with Vitamins to Balance Hormones

Supplements to balance hormones contain superfoods like Maca root. Maca is a 2000-year-old superfood that promotes energy and stamina naturally. It is also low in calories and abundant in protein, which aids in the maintenance of a lean physique.

Maca powder, found in Gluteboost supplements like MacaStack Organic Supplements, is thought to be good therapy for PMS and menopausal symptoms. The hormone-balancing and antioxidant properties of Maca root can naturally relieve these symptoms.

Still, wondering how to get your hormones balanced? Check out our other hormone-balancing products on the Gluteboost website and get lovely. curves you’ve always wanted.

Go Organic with Vitamins to Balance Hormones


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