6 Habits That Are Basically Killing Your #BootyGoals

Feb 02 2020 - Gluteboost Team

6 Habits That Are Basically Killing Your #BootyGoals

Warning: you may be sabotaging your #bootygains without even knowing it! Are you hitting the gym hard, targeting your glute muscles with butt growth exercises, eating right, and still not seeing the results you want? 

Butt growth exercises

Read on to learn about 7 habits that may be keeping you from the booty of your dreams.

1- It’s not you, it’s…your food

When it comes to staying lean and getting a bigger booty, nothing holds you back like fueling your body with not-so-good-for-you foods. No matter how much you’re exercising, you won’t be able to see progress if your daily diet consists of Big Mac’s and fries.

Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet. Try to make as many healthy choices as possible throughout the day.

Meal prepping is a great way to make sure you’re sticking to your diet. Having ready-made meals help you with portion sizes, saves you plenty of money and calories!

Reevaluate your food sources and trade out stuff like sugar-dense snacks and refined carbs for more nutrient-dense protein-packed options! For example, some great healthy carbs include vegetables, fruits, and starchy root veggies. Fish, chicken, and eggs are great sources of protein to maintain and build your muscles. And if you’re always on the go, protein shakes and protein bars are super convenient ways to get your daily serving of protein!

Butt growth exercises

2- Your butt needs some support, too!

Maybe it’s time to up your underwear game. Wearing the right underwear not only can make your butt look bigger (yes, really), but also provides long-term benefits of keeping your butt full and perky. Underwear with the right support can help keep your skin firm and toned.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to flaunt what your mama gave ya, and if you need a little help, go for it!

3- Slouching

We know. You’re probably wondering what your posture has to do with whether you have a big butt or not, but even if you’re getting your full glute workout in at the gym, it’s important to constantly keep your glute muscles activated – that way you’re constantly building your bigger butt, even when you’re not working out!

To adopt a butt-building posture while standing, aim to keep your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles all lined up in a straight line. This forces your glutes and muscles to stay active, which increases their endurance and strength.

4- Sitting for too long

You’ve heard personal trainers say “use it or lose it”. Well, your butt is a large muscle called gluteus maximus. If you don’t use it (i.e. sitting all day), you lose muscle tone/shape – aka flat butt.

If you have a desk job, be sure to take frequent breaks–stand up and go for a short walk to the water fountain, or even bust out some squats, lunges, and other butt-building moves!

5- Skimping on supplements

The right butt growth supplements are made up of natural ingredients that help to store fat cells in all the right places, build butt muscles at a rapid pace, and eliminate the fat from unwanted areas. While butt growth products won’t replace diet and exercise, they are excellent tools to accentuate your curves and accelerate your #bootygains.

Don’t hesitate to add butt growth cream and butt growth supplements to your daily regime. You can even try some DIY techniques at home to get rid of stretchmarks, butt acne, and cellulite.

Not sure which butt supplements to get started with? Best booty supplements on the market have been rated.

Skimping on supplements

6. Missing that post-workout window

It’s one thing to eat enough protein–but the timing of your protein intake actually matters, too. One of the most important times to eat a good meal filled with protein and healthy carbs is within 30-45 minutes after a workout.

Protein fuels muscle growth, and that post-workout window is the prime time for your #bootygains! Feed your booty some fuel by packing some protein-filled snacks as post-workout meals.


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