5 Ways to Gain Weight Fast without Getting Fat

Dic 31 2019 - Gluteboost Team

5 Ways to Gain Weight Fast without Getting Fat

Curves are in. Unfortunately, for the pencil-thin, putting on weight (read: curves! In all the right places!) without getting pudgy isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s a million blog posts out there on how to lose weight; but gaining weight when you’re super skinny doesn’t seem to be as widely covered. 

How to lose weight?

That’s why we came up with these 5 super easy tips to gain weight fast without getting fat!

How to Gain Weight Fast without Getting Fat?

While some people would medically be classified as underweight, others just want more voluptuous curves, and finding the right balance while staying health and strong doesn’t necessarily come naturally. But it’s easier than you might think! These tips will help you gain weight fast without getting fat and maybe even adding some sexy curvature while you’re at it! Either way, you deserve to get curves as much as the next person…which brings us to our list!

How to Gain Weight Fast without Getting Fat

1. Eating Foods to Gain Weight Fast

Bingeing on donuts and chili dogs probably isn’t the ticket. While eating high-calorie junk foods might make you gain weight, it’s not the kind of weight you want. Any pounds you gain by pigging out are likely to go straight to your belly, which isn’t good for your health or your figure. Instead, eat high-calorie, nutrient-dense foods that are packed with healthy fats.

Avocados, nut butters, and healthy oils like coconut oil and grass-fed butter add tremendous flavor and help you up the calorie content of your meals. The best way to gain weight fast without getting fat is to increase the amount of food your taking in, but ALSO to increase the quality of the food you’re taking in. You can read our blog, What Can You Eat to Make Your Buttocks Big? or the Butt growth blog The 5 Best Foods for a Bigger Butt to get ideas on exactly what kinds of foods to eat for a bigger butt.

A short list, Fish, eggs, and dairy products like Greek yogurt and cheese also add healthy fats and big doses of protein, which help those extra calories turn into muscle instead of fat. 

2.Workouts to Get Curvy

Don’t be afraid to exercise! Throwing some weight around DOESN’T automatically make you bulky and it could be the key to getting the curves you’ve always wanted.

Yes, working out burns calories, but it also builds muscle, which is even heavier than fat (and makes you look better than ever). If you already do a lot of cardio, try switching out some of it for weight sessions.Lifting will help you build muscle where you want it, work a variety of muscles all over your body, and make you feel great (not to mention stronger). The bottom line is cardio makes it really hard to gain weight; body weight workouts or workouts with weights are the best way to build your dream body.

Need some inspiration? Check out POPSUGAR’s Jumping Squat Workout; it’s an advanced workout designed to help you get a booty fast. Too advanced? No problem, do this 10-Minute at home Workout to Get a Bigger Butt. Even just THREE times a week will make a huge difference!

If lifting weights doesn’t sound like your cup of tea or you hate the thought of going to the gym, try bodyweight workouts you can do at home. Using your own body weight as resistance can get you a workout every bit as intense as one you’d get with weights at the gym. The best part? No supplies required.

3. Supplements that Help You Gain Weight in the Right Places

Supplements don’t replace diet and exercise, but they can have a massive impact on your results when used in combination. XXL Weight Gainer features a power-packed blend of herbs, protein, and vitamins that help you put on the pounds fast as you build muscle. XXL Weight Gainer also includes appetite-boosting minerals and improves your immune system and digestion at the same time.

Some experts also recommend taking fenugreek, dandelion, or gentian to help activate the appetite and/or increase fat and muscle stores (particularly around the glutes and chest). Luckily, we provide all of these ingredients and then some in our Gluteboost butt growth supplements.


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