5 Steps To Get An Hourglass Figure

Feb 18 2020 - Gluteboost Team

5 Steps To Get An Hourglass Figure

What woman doesn’t want to get an hourglass figure? It’s a billion-dollar industry with dozens of programs, outfits, and solutions that promise women the body of their dreams. But women still search constantly for a solution or trick to get an hourglass figure.

These steps will help!

Though it’s not always easy, there are ways to Curve-Building your natural curves–even if it feels like you’re just about as voluptuous as a pencil.

1- Eat and Workout Intentionally

Don’t just wait for it to happen. Getting the figure of your dreams means eating a sane diet that gives your body the nutrients it needs. It also means working out smarter. Whether you usually hop on the treadmill for 45 minutes three times a week or walk your dog and call it a workout, you can work your body to more effectively build curves. Butt-building moves boost your derriere and contribute to that hourglass look; most of those moves involve weights to build and lift your glutes, but bodyweight exercises can also be incredibly effective. Making sure your diet contains healthy fats and plenty of protein and cutting back on processed foods and sugars will work wonders toward building a stronger, healthier, more hourglass-shaped body.

Eat and Workout Intentionally

2- Get An Hourglass Figure By Waist Training

Building a great butt isn’t the only part of getting the hourglass figure you want. Whittling down your waist helps, too. Try adding a few waist-cinching workout moves to your routine, and consider waist training. By wearing a waist trainer (like a corset) for a few hours a day, you can train your waist into a thinner shape. The stars do it, and so can you–just make sure you follow a few safety guidelines and don’t overdo it. Extreme waist shaping can lead to health problems.

3- Dress To Curve-Building

This step will look entirely different depending on your body type. If you lack curves, adding a high-contrast belt can help give you a more defined waist and the illusion of curvier hips and bustline. If you’re full-busted but not very curvy down below, a full skirt or patterned tights can make it seem like you’ve got voluptuous hips and glutes. The Joy of Clothes offers a huge selection of tips to Body-Shaping no matter how you’re shaped.

4- Add Supplements

Butt-boosting supplements can help make your butt curvier than ever and work with your exercise routine to build a bigger butt and hips faster. Most supplements contain wild yam, don quai, or saw palmetto, all herbs that boost your body’s estrogen levels, causing you to retain a little more fat in the places that women normally have more curves than men: the hips and butt.

Butt creams also work to plump up your behind while firming and smoothing your skin so it looks healthier than ever. Because they contain volufiline or voluplus, butt growth creams actually plump up your fat cells and cause them to grow,so you can boost your butt and get an hourglass figure simply by applying a cream twice a day. It seems too easy, but it works. Especially when coupled with exercise, these additions can make a huge difference in your figure.

5- Small Lifestyle Changes

It sounds cliche, but it’s true: sometimes the little things can have a huge impact. Try making small changes in your everyday life that help build your glutes and an overall stronger, healthier body. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator means you build your glutes a little more–and other at-work “deskercise” moves (like on help keep you moving even during a long workday. Doing squats or lunges while you brush your teeth or heat up your lunch can also help–and a little exercise during the day is almost guaranteed to make you feel better mentally and physically. And making healthier, leaner diet choices will help reduce your overall fat storage, so you booty really pops and your body takes on more of an hourglass silhouette.

Small Lifestyle Changes



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