5 Down-There Beauty Trends that Make Your Lady Parts GLOW

Dic 23 2019 - Gluteboost Team

5 Down-There Beauty Trends that Make Your Lady Parts GLOW

Gone are the days when beauty trends stopped at your hair and makeup. In today’s world full of YouTube tutorials and Instagram models, next level beauty tricks can go as far as your lady parts.

Don’t take it from us, we scoured the internet (and cocktail parties) to find the hottest lady trends for your labia, and we found a combination of skincare and health tips and straight up accessorizing your Vah-Jay ideas.

Next level beauty tricks can go as far as your lady parts

5 Down-There Beauty Trends that Make Your Lady Parts GLOW

1. Pubic Hair Dye

Grey hairs don’t stop at your head, and neither does Hair Dye. Betty Beauty has launched a super sensitive version of the common hair dye specifically made for your lady bits.

The jury is still out on what your man will think; but for those of you who are dying for the “carpet to match the drapes,” we’re pleased to report, there IS an option. Want to create a conversation when it’s time to get freaky? Try the Hot Pink color.

Pubic Hair Dye

2. The Vajacial

If you’ve ever experienced a facial, you know there’s no better feeling than clean, fresh, exfoliated skin. Korea’s common beauty hack called “Chai-Yok” is a vaginal steaming technique that is said to fight things like painful periods, cysts, hemorrhoids, AND keep your vagina looking pristine.

Making it #2 on the list of beauty trends that make your vagina GLOW. This trend has the added bonus of feeling amazing (our sources say).

3. For Your Vagina

Before you start thinking Kendall Jenner’s lip kit, let us assure you that this beauty trend doesn’t tend to come in purple, black, or gold… No, this natural looking vaginal lipstick smooths and moistens your labia giving you softer more supple skin where you need it most.

4. The Vajazzle

Unless you’ve been hiding from magazines, movies, and books for the last 10 years you have probably already heard about the infamous, vajazzle. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt popularized this beauty trend. While it’s not ideal for everyday use, most women can agree that a little bit of bling can spice up your love life – even if just for a night.

5. Vatooing (the NEW Vajazzle)

Vajazzling has often been touted as the most creative of the vaginal beauty trends – but look out gemstones, because there’s a NEW vaginal art form on the market. That is, Vatooing. Women have begun to use temporary tattooing to contour, decorate, and expand their vaginal horizons. We’re not really sure where this one originated and don’t recommend something permanent.

Looking for something a little more natural? We thought so… In case vaginal accessories aren’t really your jam, we’ve also put together 4 tips to keep your vagina looking great from the inside out.

BONUS! Natural Beauty Trends to Keep Your Vagina Looking Great

beauty trends stopped

1. Never use a dull razor downstairs or anywhere

Dull razors can tug and pull, creating nasty ingrown hairs and painful skin irritation.

2. Use witch hazel to tighten after shaving

Witch hazel is a natural toner, using it after shaving tightens pores preventing ingrown hairs and razor burns (the leading causes of breakouts below the belt).

3. Avoid chemically based cleansers and moisturizers

Not only can chemically based (fragrance-full) beauty products cause skin irritation, but they can also throw your pH balance out of whack causing less than desirable smells and sometimes even infections – ouch!

4. Wear supportive, cotton underwear

While sexy lace thongs can be exciting for a night, they lack support and can create a breeding ground for bacteria creating not only a bad smell, but faster sagging and loss of elasticity.

There you have it – tons of beauty trends just for your Vah Jay. Just remember, NOTHING looks quite as good as confidence! Feel good about what you’re rocking and remember, you were made to shine! But before we go, we have to know – what beauty trends do YOU recommend or call BS on downstairs? Let us know in the comments.


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