5 Best Spotify Playlists for a Killer Booty Workout

Nov 23 2019 - Gluteboost Team

5 Best Spotify Playlists for a Killer Booty Workout

There’s literally nothing more important to your booty workout than the music you choose to set the stage for your re-invention. No one wants to slay weighted squats to music from their grandma’s playlist and I’m pretty sure that every one of us has had that awkward, “But what do I listen to?” moment… THAT is why we spent hours combing through music new and old (you’re welcome) putting together to five Spotify Playlists that help you dominate your booty Workout. You may also be interested in Best Exercises for a Bigger Butt

Spotify Playlists that help you

5 Best Spotify Playlists for a Killer Booty Workout

Now, Onto Your Booty Workout Playlist…

You’re probably asking yourself, why would I need five? Wouldn’t one awesome playlist be enough? The answer is a big fat no. One playlist is not enough, queen. Every booty workout has its own mood; and since it’s 2017, you probably already know that every mood has its own playlist. So, let’s get in gear. OH! Another REALLY important thing to mention, these playlists are all wrapped up in a pretty bow right on Spotify, so all you have to do is save the playlist and get squatting!

Booty Workout Playlist

1- Snap, Crackle, POP That Booty

Everything from the latest and greatest (hello, Nikki Minaj) to earlier hits (we like big butts, too!) can be found on the “Snap, Crackle, POP” Playlist. We sifted through the pop music treasure troves to find the BEST inspirational booty workout songs and this list was the result.

Hear the Snap, Crackle, POP That Booty Spotify Here Playlist

Playlist on Length: 49 Minutes
Number of Songs:13 Songs

2- Second playlist for a Booty Workout

Can we all just agree that Spanish pop music has a fire that everyone can enjoy? I mean, Shakira alone has created some bomb droppers when it comes to workout music. All reasons why we made our Sexy Spanish Playlist #2 on our list of the best playlists for a big, beautiful booty.

Side note, for added sex-appeal, wear red during your workout and snap a few sexy selfies (#HeartYourHearts) to show your Latin pride.

Hear the Como se llama, Culo Grande booty workout playlist here

Playlist Length: 46 Minutes
Number of Songs:13 Songs

3- ROCK Your ASSets  

It takes a monster-sized motivational playlist to get through leg day with the combination with Booty Dream Supplements This rock-hard playlist will make you feel like a Rockstar WHILE strength-training your glutes. Nothing creates a heart shaped ass like jamming to your favorite rock songs – even when you’re squatting enough weight to make #slay feel like #death.

Hear the ROCK Your ASSets Playlist on Spotify Here

Playlist Length: 35 Minutes
Number of Songs: 11 Songs

4- Hip-Hop HIIT!

Cardio days can feel never-ending. We polled our girls and asked, what music is the BEST for a booty-focused HIIT workout and the jury is in. According to the ladies we asked, Hip hop is the most motivational HIIT workout music. This playlist helps us get in touch with our inner badass, and we think it will do the same for you.

Hear the Hip-Hop HITT Booty workout playlist on Spotify here

Playlist Length: 54 Minutes
Number of Songs: 14 Songs

Cardio days

5- #HeartYourHearts Master Mix

How legit could we possibly be if we didn’t create a master list? The #HeartYourHearts master mix is a collection of 50 bad ass booty workout songs that slay. From old to new, pop to rock, and everything in between, this playlist is an eclectic mix of booty-approved music for your ears to enjoy for over an hour.

Hear the #HeartYourHearts master mix on Spotify here

Playlist Length: 1 Hour 34
Minutes Number of Songs: 25 Songs

Want to add to our booty workout playlists?

We all know that no playlist is complete without at LEAST an hour of music (because sometimes you just have to say pass). Help us out and comment with YOUR favorite booty workout song or tag yourself dancing to the song YOU think should be added with #HeartYourHearts and be entered to win free swag.


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