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Let’s face it. Curves are in. Women want to feel good in their own skin, enhance their curves and feel sexier. What makes the BootyDream Line so powerful?

About BootyDream™

The growth stimulation of localized fat cells has been clinically proven to result from the use of plant-derived (non-detrimental) estrogens and innovative compounds using Sarsasapogenin as an active substance.

We're all about
science and curves

With an academic background in science and a concentration in molecular biology, Susana Campanella is not only Gluteboost’s biggest fan but the CEO and Owner of the company. This GB Babe is all about the science behind beauty products and developing products that can provide real results without any adverse effects. Her passion for science and to see other women progress in all aspects of life came together in a way she never imagined.

"Gluteboost is not only about the products and the results they cause, but also about effecting change in women's everyday lives. My goal is for women to embrace their natural curves and to live inspired because when she is, she does things differently. At GB we know that when a woman loves and takes care of herself, she builds self-esteem and motivation… It's in the small daily changes that big changes result over time—physically and mentally!"

CEO - Molecular Biologist

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